Never Lose Track with Apollo Glucome Glucometer

As a person with diabetes, you might have used a glucometer at some stage or the other. However, you had stopped using it as all you did was to make a note of your blood sugar level. Was that anyway useful?

There are some of you who have used glucometers and painstakingly entered the readings in a log book. The only result was that your doctor could see blood sugar fluctuations that happened long back – nothing you can do right now.

Why monitor sugar levels?  

For the Correct Treatment –

Monitoring blood sugar levels is an essential aspect of dealing with diabetes. It has to be done along with diet and exercise, and proper medication. This allows your doctors to prescribe the best treatment.

To Understand Fluctuations –

Self-monitoring of blood glucose levels is done as the doctor cannot be there with you always. Yet, without knowing when you have high or low sugar levels, all treatment remains a guesswork.

To see how Effective the Treatment is –

Self-monitoring is important as you would know if your diabetes is responding to the treatment or not. It gives valuable insights and helps prevent long term organ damage.

With the glucometers we have now, the benefits of self-monitoring are not complete for one reason – the doctor has to work on past data!

Diabetes is a changing condition and one cannot ensure that your past fluctuations hold good for future trends. Addressing this major issue and taking self-monitoring to the next level is the Apollo Glucome glucometer.

What is Apollo Glucome?

Apollo Glucome is an innovative digital diabetes care solution. It helps you manage your diabetes real-time. It’s a Digital Diabetes Clinic that you can carry around anywhere!

What’s special about Apollo Glucome?

It accomplishes what other glucometers cannot. It solves the issue of working with past data and helps your doctors have a thorough understanding of your ongoing sugar level trends.

How it does it?

Apollo Glucome is a connected glucose monitor. It can be connected to your smartphone without any wires! You measure your blood sugar levels with Apollo Glucome and the levels directly come to your smartphone.

Once your sugar levels come to the smartphone, they are instantly sent to your doctors and caregivers via Apollo Sugar app.

As your doctor knows your current sugar levels, he/she can advise you immediately – how much to eat, how long to exercise, and if there is a need for medication change.

Easy, Connected, and Smart.

Apollo Glucome also provides essential trends of your blood sugar levels. By analyzing your sugar levels, caregivers can interpret what is working for you and what isn’t. This allows them to alter treatment for better results.

Why using Apollo Glucome is simple?

  • It does not require any Bluetooth, or Wifi to connect to your smartphone
  • Your sugar levels are automatically sent to your Apollo Sugar app
  • You need not maintain a log book. Sugar levels are stored on our cloud platform securely
  • It has no buttons, keys or cables
  • It is simple, small and very easy to carry
  • You can connect it to any android or iOS mobile device
  • It comes with glucometer, gold-plated strips, insulin pen monitor, Apollo Sugar app and a digital diabetes clinic

How it is a Digital Diabetes Clinic?

Every time you measure sugar levels on Apollo Glucome, our Diabetes Educators, Nutritionists, and Doctors constantly monitor your sugar level trends. This allows them to give you advice.

It gives your caregivers real-life insight on how your blood sugar levels behave with respect to medication. Making course corrections is easier now.

With your HbA1c estimation, lifestyle tracking, alerts, and reminders to medications, it is truly a digital diabetes clinic working with your constantly.

Take your diabetes care to the next level. Talk to our experts to know more about Apollo Glucome.