Why Apollo Sugar App works for you

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There are some scenarios that happen to many people with diabetes – forgetting medication, not being sure if they had eaten right, or not knowing how much to exercise for the meal they had.

Taking constant care for your diabetes while going about the business of life can be strenuous. Diabetes is a condition that needs you to give some time for it every day. Having a healthy and fruitful life with diabetes needs some skills and you have to master it as both life and diabetes do not wait for you.

Why is Diabetes a Balancing act?

Having diabetes is not just about avoiding sugar and taking medications. It is about transforming your lifestyle. Getting to a desired weight, controlling cholesterol levels, maintaining sugar levels, and not stressing out needs proper planning and a good strategy to work.

  • In diabetes, you have to take care of carbohydrate intake and ensure that your exercise burns them out. You have to balance your carbohydrate intake with exercise to keep sugar levels in check.
  • You have to balance your diet and exercise with your medications
  • You need to strike a balance between your diet restrictions and your food cravings
  • You have to accommodate your family’s interests while taking care of your health

Having a career, giving time for your interests, and moving on with life can pose some challenges in diabetes. That’s why you need support.

Wouldn’t it be great if you have someone reminding you to take your medication, get diagnostic tests on time, and show how much improvement you have made?

Apollo Sugar App does this and a lot more!

Designed especially to assist people with diabetes, Apollo Sugar app brings in expert care right to your fingertips. It has a host of features with which you can transform your diabetes care.

What more, it has been proven that condition management that penetrates every aspect of life gives much better results! With regular interactions, you have expert insight available at your fingertips. This makes taking decisions easier!

You now know when to exercise, when to take it easy, how to alter your diet for parties or events plus you never miss out on medications or tests!

Apollo Sugar App Features and Benefits


  • Chat with our Expert Health Coach and get medical advice any time.
  • Know how to control your diabetes with our Diabetes Educators.
  • Get insights on Insulin Dosages.
  • Know what to eat during Parties and Festivals.


  • Upload Prescriptions and get medicines Delivered to your Home.
  • Retrieve all your Lab Reports.
  • Get Diabetes Diet Chart for Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner from Clinical Nutritionists.
  • Get your recorded Vitals including BMI, BP, & Pulse.


  • Set Reminders for Medication, Doctor Consultations, or Lab Tests.
  • Chat with our Virtual Health on Diabetes, Diet, Medications, and more!
  • Track your Medications.
  • Know about your Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Get a Meal Diary.



  • Upload your Blood Sugar Levels or track it with the Detector feature.
  • Get regular reports and charts of your blood sugar control.

This will help you and your doctors to adjust your diet, exercise, and medication for better control!


Upload your diet intake and get the carbohydrate consumed. Get the amount of exercise you need to do for the food you had eaten.


Upload your prescription and get reminders to take medications. NEVER MISS OUT ON A SINGLE DOSE OF YOUR MEDICINES ANYMORE!


  • Get simple, actionable insights for your exercise.
  • Know how many calories you have burnt.
  • Get simple exercises for mobility and weight loss.


  • Get meal reminders including Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner.
  • Get Medicine reminders. Set time and get alerts.
  • Get Reminders for Blood Glucose measurements. Set time and get alerts.


  • Get Food Tips. Discover the Best Diabetes Diet and Menus.
  • Get Exercise Tips. Know how to burn calories, get rid of excess fat, and reduce weight and stress.
  • Get latest insights on how to manage your diabetes.

Download Apollo Sugar app now!