Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

Symptoms of diabetes in men

Sign & Symptoms of Diabetes in Men

Despite there being similar signs and symptoms of diabetes in men and women, there are several that pertain only to men. One thing that men must remember is the ABCs of diabetes. Those are the A1C test (measuring average blood glucose level), Blood pressure and Cholesterol. When you read further, you’ll discover the various symptoms of diabetes in men, and we urge you to take your health seriously and take active steps to leading a better life. Planning this with the help of a diabetes expert will be highly beneficial, so set a goal, make a plan and work towards it.

These are generic symptoms of diabetes:

  • Increased appetite and losing weight- occurs although people eat enough and blood sugars are high as the cells cannot take this glucose and this lack of energy makes a person feel hungry.
  • Increased thirst, urination – occurs because the excess sugar leaks into urine through the kidneys and pulls extra water along dehydrating your body.
  • Tiredness, lack of interest and concentration.
  • Tingling sensation or numbness or pain in the hands or feet (type 2).
  • Blurred vision.
  • Itching and infections around the genital areas of men and women.
  • Slow wound healing.
  • Vomiting and stomach pain.

Apart from the symptoms explained above, these are the symptoms specifically seen in men:

Reduced muscle strength due loss of muscle mass and resultant weight loss.

Recurrent yeast infections near the genital area characterized by redness, swelling, itching on or around the head of the penis,  unpleasant odor, white curd-like appearance on the skin, soreness during sex, erectile dysfunction.

Delaying the diagnoses and treatment for diabetes can result in unwanted complications. It’s extremely important to be aware and look out for any of these signs and symptoms. See a diabetes expert if required to reduce the onset and progression of complications.