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Quick and Complete Diabetes Assessment, Robust Treatment Plan, and an effective Action Guide for Self-Care – All in One Day!

Why leave your health to chance when you can afford to be prepared?

Diabetes is often accompanied by numerous other conditions like high BP high cholesterol, and nerve damage. Together they pose a risk to your health and wellbeing. With Sugar One, you stay secure with a complete assessment of your health risks along with a well-directed treatment plan.

In one day, you get 16 tests, doctor consultation, diet plan, and Apollo Sugar app. That’s not all! Our Diabetes Educators will call you periodically and help you stay ahead of diabetes and its risks.

Blood Sugar Control is just not enough!

A burning sensation in the legs, vitamin D deficiency, giddiness, or even lack of sleep might be related to your diabetes!

Diabetes does not occur alone. People with diabetes often have thyroid problems, high cholesterol, liver problems, and a high risk of heart disease. This is due to the nature of diabetes and how it acts on your body.

That’s why you need an approach that not only treats your diabetes, but also addresses other health risks. Sugar One offers a complete assessment of your risk of other diseases due to diabetes and provides the right solution.

Conducted at every Apollo Sugar Clinics Center, Sugar One is a one-day easy and effective diabetes program.

  • Risk profiling with 16 diagnostic tests. In these tests, your risk of kidney disease, heart disease, feet problems, eye complications of diabetes, thyroid risk, and many other conditions are assessed.
  • Doctor consultation with prescription duly filled.
  • Diabetes educator and dietician consultation.
  • Apollo Sugar app enrollment that helps you get 24/7 assistance in managing your diabetes.
  • Beyond the clinic services with outbound calls.

*Doctor Consultation 1
Diet Counselling 1
HbA1c 1
Glucose Serum/Plasma (Fasting) 1
Glucose Serum /Plasma (Postprandial) 1
Complete Foot Exam 1
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening 1
Creatinine Serum/Plasma 1
Microalbumin-Spot Urine
Complete Blood Count 1
Complete Urine Examination 1
Lipid Profile 1
BP Screening 1
Chat with Dibetes Educators
All records at one place with regular monitoring
Alerts for tests,Sugar levels & personalised diet, exercise tips
Diabetes Risk Assessment Call
Diet & Exercise Initition Call
* Results may vary from person to person **Doctor consult shall be provided as per the doctors' availability
Sugar 90 Online

Sugar 90 Online

20% reduction of HbA1c in all participants who adhered to the program. Notable reduction in total cholesterol levels and triglycerides, and blood pressure control.

Sugar 360 Online

Sugar 360 Online

More stability, better control, and a reason to stay worry-free. Making Diabetes Care Smart for you. Experienced Doctors. Connected Technology. Support of Experts

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