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Patient journey at Apollo Sugar Clinics

What happens when you visit Apollo Sugar Clinics?

Know what a visit to your Apollo Sugar Clinics includes and plan accordingly! Your journey towards Diabetes Control at Apollo Sugar Clinics begins by just scheduling an appointment! From then on, we are there for you at every step. From diagnostic tests to doctor consultation, from in-clinic services to assistance at home, we are there to fight diabetes along with you!

Booking an appointment

Appointments can be sought through our website, by attending our diabetes screening camps, or even calling up our clinics nearest to you!

For appointment booking call: 1800 103 1010

  1. Once you seek appointment with Apollo Sugar Clinics, our support staff from Diabetes Helpline and the Clinic give a confirmatory call.
  2. This done, a convenient & available time for you to visit the clinic is set. This will reduce the time you wait for the doctor.
  3. Arrangements for home sample collection for diagnostic tests would be made.
  4. Our phlebotomist would visit your home for diagnostic tests. By the time you come to our clinic, our doctors would be ready with your test reports. No unnecessary repeat visits to the clinics.
  5. It would be great if you can bring in any of your family members as controlling diabetes is a team effort. Moreover, your concerned family members are posted on your health status.
  6. Our Support Staff would explain on call what you need to carry when you visit our clinic.
  7. You would also be informed if you need to come to the clinic with 8-12 hours of fasting.
Useful things you can carry to the clinic:
  • If you maintain a Diabetes log book of sugar levels, please bring that with you.

  • If any previous prescription from Apollo Sugar or elsewhere, please bring that. Not just Diabetes, include all prescriptions.

  • If you or your family member have a smartphone, please bring that also.

If in doubt, please feel free to call our Diabetes Helpline: 1800 103 1010

  • As you walk-in to our clinics, you are greeted by our Clinic staff with a Welcome Kit.

  • Your initial details like name, age, mobile number, and email id are taken and is properly entered into the system.

  • You are then guided to relevant diagnostic tests in case you have not availed of the services of our phlebotomist.

  • Tests included might range from taking vitals, basic blood tests to other tests for complications of diabetes.

  • A Lipid profile test is generally recommended to assess heart disease risk.

  • If necessary, a dilated eye examination, tests for kidney function, and a foot examination are also conducted.

  • An exclusive session with a dedicated Diabetes Educator is arranged to analyze family and personal risk factors.

  • The diabetes educator takes note of your lifestyle and its relation to your diabetes.

  • You are provided with valuable tips on Diabetes Management in the form of a flipbook.

  • Equipped with all the initial information, you are guided to the doctor consultation by our friendly support staff.

  • Doctor reviews all your information and provides the exact treatment plan.

  • Your family member is also educated on your condition and you are given detailed expert medical advice along with a prescription.

Our diabetes care is not restricted to doctors giving prescription. We are there for you whenever you need us!

  • Post consultation with our doctors, you have a consultation with our certified nutritionist.

  • You and your family member is explained about how to take medicines and what to do next.

  • You are given a special diet plan that assists you to control diabetes.

  • You are also provided with an exercise regimen so that you can balance medication, diet, and exercise to control diabetes.

Consulting diabetes specialists, and getting a prescription is only job half done. We assist you to deal with diabetes on a daily basis.

  • You are provided with Apollo Sugar App to keep a record of sugar levels, get timely advice, and reminders to take medications and tests.

  • Then, you get assistance to measure sugar levels using Apollo Glucome Glucometer. This helps keep a track of sugar levels, and what you need to do for that.

  • If necessary, insulin education is provided so that you understand how to use insulin injections with the correct dosages.

  • You are then provided with a detailed account of our at-home assistance with the help of outbound and inbound calls, reminders, and advice from Diabetes Educators.

Book our appointment and plan your visit to your nearest Apollo Sugar Clinics.

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