Driving with Diabetes

Diabetes Patient Driving car

Driving with diabetes

Driving distractions are one of the main causes in fatal accidents all over the world. Being a diabetic, it is very important to get yourself checked before driving.

Hypoglycemia indicating an impaired ability to drive, retinopathy or cataract formation impairing the vision needed to operate a motor vehicle, and neuropathy affecting the ability to feel foot petals can each impact driving safety.

However Diabetes is never a restriction to enjoy driving.

Some safety tips while driving:

  • Check your blood sugars before driving. Do not drive until sugars are stabilized.
  • Never test your sugars while driving, this might be a major deviation on the road. Pull off the vehicle to a side, check and move after stabilizing.
  • Always be ready for a hypoglycemic episode. Carry plenty of quick sugar releasing food like glucose, chocolates, fruits etc.
  • Always wear a medical ID stating that you are diabetic.

Most importantly before planning for a drive, always contact your physician for suggestions and advice.

At Apollo Sugar, we give a complete instruction manual and 24×7 support system to help you drive safely. Have a safe drive and a great week ahead!!