Sports nutrition in People with Diabetes

Like anything else, sports and athletics are no bar to athletes with diabetes. Exercise has been recommended as a therapeutic tool for diabetics and people with the risk of diabetes.

According to the American diabetes Association, there has been an increase in understanding on the concept of nutrition and sports. It is now easier to make appropriate decisions regarding who should exercise, what types of physical activity are appropriate, and how often, how long, and how intense physical activity should be.

With healthy training, nutrition management to meet your personal goals, you can achieve athletic success, improved body mass index, blood glucose control and fewer hypoglycemic episodes.

Tips for diabetic sports persons:

  • Always consult your doctor before starting any kind of training
  • Check your blood glucose frequently and stay in the blood glucose range that you and your physician decide upon
  • Plan your meals, snacks and beverages before starting to train. A well balanced meal with carbohydrates, lean proteins and fats along with proper adjustment to medications including insulin are help you in controlling your sugars better
  • Fueling strategies for diabetes and endurance sports are highly individualized, so a practiced clinician that specializes in sports nutrition can help with the development of an individualized meal plan