Weight management and diabetes medicine

weight management and diabetes medicine

Weight gain and Diabetes

It is a common complaint among people with diabetes – weight gain when using medications both oral and insulin. Many patients are apprehensive about taking insulin because they don’t want to gain weight. But don’t be tempted to skip insulin doses to keep off the pounds. Poorly controlled diabetes increases your risk for serious complications, including heart disease and stroke.

The following steps help you in keeping a check on weight gain while using medications.

Why does this happen?

It is very important to understand why this happens to better understand the mechanism. People start taking insulin due to uncontrolled blood sugars.

  • When diabetes is uncontrolled, the body cannot use glucose from food for energy. Hence, the glucose stored in the muscles is used up and hence people tend to lose weight with uncontrolled sugars.
  • As sugar is lost in the urine, people also become dehydrated. Those who have lost water weight may think they’ve lost fat.

Hence, once insulin therapy starts, all these processes are reversed and hence, muscle begins to build up, rehydration occurs and calories are stored again.

Managing the weight gain:

Losing extra pounds especially the weight gained through medications can help in bringing blood sugar levels to target. Research says that losing weight may actually reverse the condition of type 2 diabetes.

Maintain steady blood sugar levels: Large fluctuations in blood sugar lead to weight gain. Overeating during episodes of low sugar leads to weight gain.

Count your calories: Eating more calories than you burn adds up weight. Having a stringent diet counseling might help a long way in controlling weight gain.

At Apollo Sugar a dedicated dietician helps you in redefining your diet and lifestyle modification for a larger change in your life.

Exercise Regularly: Aerobic and strength training exercise are the two most beneficial forms of exercise. These forms help the muscle in building muscle and maintaining muscle burns more calories.

Eating Regular Meals: Eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day can help you manage your weight and keep your blood sugar steady.

If weight gain is a concern, ask your health care provider for other medication options.