Spice up your Diet – Cook your way to Conquer Diabetes

Honestly, you can never satisfy your soul, or be healthy on a bland diet. Sacrificing good, tasty food was and never is a solution for diabetes.

And, if there is something in your kitchen cabinet that can make your food tasty and your blood sugars stable, wouldn’t you rather use it generously?

Here’s a wonder spice that helps you reduce your blood sugar levels and give your food a special flavor.

We all know Dalchini. We use this fragrant bark in our Garam Masala, to flavor meat in Biriyani, Kheema, and curries, in sweets and baked items for that special zing. It gives that woody pungent flavor and an aroma that makes you want more.

The strong flavor of cinnamon comes from an essential oil ‘cinnamaldehyde’ and that’s where all its goodness lies. Cinnamon not only makes your food special, it has numerous health benefits you cannot ignore. It is one spice we highly recommend to be used in your diabetic diet.

Consume not more than One Teaspoon per day

Health Benefits of Cinnamon
• It has loads of antioxidants and is a super food for people with diabetes
• It contains calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, potassium and many more minerals that improve your health
• It contains riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, C, E, & K along with vitamin B6 that improve your immunity and prevents many diseases
• It helps reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties. This helps reduce the risk of heart diseases
• It helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels and helps regulate blood pressure. This reduces your risk of heart disease
• It helps fight diabetes by improving postprandial blood sugar levels and random blood sugar levels

Make your meals with exciting and healthy Diabetes recipes! Cook your way to control diabetes!