10 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes

Low carb diet

Diabetes is a disorder where the pancreas does not produce (enough) insulin. Insulin is a hormone which processes sugars and converts it into energy for all body functions. In diabetes, there is high blood sugar level affecting the blood vessels and blood circulation. Lack of blood supply leads to diabetes complications.

Exercise and diet play a strong role in keeping diabetes under control. People with diabetes should avoid starchy, high-calorie and fatty foods.

10 foods diabetics should avoid are :

1. Chocolates & desserts
2. Fruits like bananas, grapes, chikoo, and custard apple
3. Maida products like white bread, pasta
4. Rice and biryanis
5. Dried fruits
6. Packaged foods like chips, cookies, and other munchies
7. Fried foods like samosas, fries, pakodas
8. Potatoes, and tubers
9. Packaged and sugar-added beverages
10. Some milk products like creamy milk, cheese

These are foods to avoid in a diabetic diet because they are very high on the glycemic index. In fact, these should be avoided by people who want to lose weight. These foods should also be avoided by non-diabetic people or people with no health problems because they could cause problems later in life. These are very common and often comfort food eaten, especially in India.

To avoid diabetes complications, these foods can be swapped with healthier, low-fat and calorie options.

1.  Chocolates and desserts can be swapped with sugar-free and fat-free options if these are unavoidable
2.  Fruits like bananas, grapes, chikoo, & custard apple should be avoided. Shift to healthier options like citrus fruits, berries, papaya, pomegranate
3.  Maida products like white bread, pasta to be avoided. Opt for multigrain healthy bread and pure Atta pasta which are much lower in calories and very similar in taste.
4.  Rice and biryanis can be exchanged with khichdi, or brown rice
5.  Dried fruits – Fruits are dried but retain the sugar content, so it is better to eat the permitted and fresh variety of fruits
6.  Packaged foods like chips, cookies, and other munchies- there is no alternative to such foods. These are a complete no-no
7.  Fried foods like samosas, fries, pakodas- these staple Indian teatime snacks are bombs which can explode anytime. Switch to salad vegetables or fruits and swap milky tea with green tea
8.  Potatoes and tubers- Potato curry is a staple food across the country. Try sweet potatoes instead.
9. Packaged and sugar-added beverages- Green tea or fresh juice are good options
10.  Some milk products like creamy milk, cheese- these have healthy options like fat-free or toned milk, paneer, curds.

The above diabetes food to eat and avoid list is for reference only. Each case of diabetes is different and will require advice from the diabetologist or nutritionist. Consult a diabetes doctor near you for better advice on diet.