Importance of Healthy Diet in Diabetes

Diabetes Recipes

Diabetes Recipes

You are what you eat. This statement is so true for people with diabetes. As a metabolic disorder, diabetes has a lot to do with the intake of food and its absorption into every cell of the body. For a person with diabetes, it is very important to maintain a diabetes diet plan in order to ensure proper diabetes control .

Now, following a diabetes diet plan might be something that looks very well cut out on paper and on internet. Most of you might feel that your dietician makes it sound so simple, but all of you know that it takes more than just resolutions.

When it comes to adopting a diet for diabetic patients , it takes a lot of discipline, support from the family, and most importantly, making this diabetic diet a tasty treat. One cannot emphasize less on the last point as this is a major deal breaker.

Concerned families accommodate and adjust their diet to suit a diet for diabetic patients . Fluctuating sugar levels and their implications would motivate most people to adopt to healthier foods. However, consuming a diet that is bland and tasteless can lead to a major rebound.

You start with a very strict diet regimen and then after depriving your taste buds, you make wrong choices and end up losing a hard earned diabetes control .

It is for this reason Apollo Sugar Clinics has come up with a vast collection of diabetes recipes. With these delicious and mouthwatering recipes you retain your diabetes diet plan and never lose focus on diabetes control .

Importance of Medical Nutrition therapy for Diabetes

But before you jump into those succulent and sumptuous treats, know about why you need this alteration in your dietary choices!
We hear a lot about not eating too many fried foods, consuming lesser amounts of salt, and avoiding excessive amounts of sugars. Now, all these have a rationale.

Eating too many fried foods leads to morbid obesity. It increases low density cholesterol and triglycerides. These are huge risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
Consuming too much salt can lead to hypertension and obesity. Excessive amounts of sugar can cause obesity, impaired glucose tolerance and in the end, diabetes.

However, people with diabetes already have high blood sugar levels. Chronic high blood sugar is a very big risk factor for numerous diseases. It can lead to cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high cholesterol, kidney damage, eye damage, and nerve damage. This list seems to be endless.

In people with diabetes, due to less/no production of insulin, glucose produced from the food consumed is not absorbed by all cells of the body. This glucose remains in the blood leading to high blood glucose levels. Excess blood glucose levels damage blood vessels, and causes havoc in the body.

But, you can prevent all these damages and lead a healthy and fulfilling life with the help of medicines and diet. Diabetes management is in fact divided into essential components involving nutrition therapy.

Monitoring your blood sugar levels, taking medicines, getting regular exercise, and following a diabetes diet plan are things that you need to do. Apart from them, you also have to consult a doctor and get regular diagnostic tests done. These tests should at least include blood tests, kidney check, dilated eye exam, thyroid check, and cardiac risk assessment.

By following a diabetic diet, you can maintain your target blood sugar levels and HbA1c. You can avoid diabetes complications and lead a healthy life.