Take One Step Every Month towards Beating Diabetes

diabetes diet

Leading an active, healthy lifestyle gradually improves your overall health and eventually reduces the risk of developing diabetes complications. A healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating habits and regular exercise definitely complements your treatment options like oral medications or insulin to manage diabetes better.

Taking small and significant steps in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle within duration of six months from today can show a positive impact on your health in the near future. Managing diabetes gets easier with these little steps you start from today until it becomes a routine.


It’s better to begin an effective diabetes program on time and delay or prevent the onset of life-threatening complications such as –

  • Kidney disease
  • Foot disease such as ulcers, and neuropathy
  • Eye disease
  • Nerve disease, which can lead to problems such as erectile dysfunction, gastric and urinary problems.
  • Heart disease such as angina and heart attack
  • Stroke


Here are six easy steps you can start for your Diabetes Management . Following these six steps for a period of six months would certainly bring about a lifelong transformation for the better.

1–The “goal setting” month

Get all the information required to set goals every month towards beating diabetes successfully. Talk to your diabetes doctor and seek help from family and friends in helping you beat diabetes. It’s time to get all your tests done- blood sugar test , urine test, eye check-up, foot check-up etc.

Setrealistic goals for managing your diabetes- Don’t worry. You don’t have to change your life in a single day.

2-The “Yes to treatment & no to sugar” month

All right, so let’s start the first action-month by setting reminder for your medications. The goal is to never miss a medication. Write dates on every tablet or get a tablet organizer. Taking all your medications on time should become a part of your lifestyle.

Use the later part of the month to gradually reduce the sugar intake… remember to do it gradually! You can’t have more than one-cheat day a month from now on!

3-The “mental well-being” month.

Stress, especially chronic stress shoots your blood glucose levels and raises your blood pressure. It also affects your other medical conditions.

Learn to mediate. Know what de-stresses you-a holiday, an outing with your dear ones, a spa session, a hobby or visit to a religious place. Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Be mindful and aware of your environment; your thoughts and feelings.

4-The “goodbye smoking& drinking” month.

If you have diabetes, smoking can worsen your condition with a possible risk of kidney disease, heart disease, amputation, and nerve damage.

Make a better decision to quit smoking before it catches you off guard. Be honest and reasonable with yourself.Gradually cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke every week.

Come to a point where you smoke occasionally to completely quitting it successfully one day.

5-The “healthy food=healthy you” month.

Research and understand how different foods can affect your blood sugar. Getting your diabetes in control with various foods and healthy diabetes diet , can solve half of your health issues.

Start this month by including a bowl of salad in your everyday diet. Add a fruit to your diet from the next week onwards. You can carry these things to work and replace regular snacks with healthy ones.Set an alarm each hour as a reminder for you to have a glass of water.

6-The “It’s time to get moving” month.

Step out of your comfort zone-take stairs and park your vehicle far away from your office.

As you reach the second week of the month, go for a stroll after lunch/dinner. Walk to the supermarket nearby to buy groceries.

By the third week, you can push yourself to go for stretching or jogging. Make it a habit by the end of month.

A regular physical activity helps you manage and maintain healthy weight, keeps diseases away, keeps your lungs heart and muscles healthy, and also makes you feel good.

Have a mission for each month this year, and make 2018 the best year for you! You can take help of a friend/family member to keep a check on you.

As you progress on this plan, it’s very important to not let yourself fall back to previous habits! The beauty of this method is that you acquire a good lifestyle in a step by step fashion. You only move to the next step once you have a strong hold of the current one.

Aim for starting healthy habits today and continue this for at least next six-seven months till you make it your go-to routine.