How I turned tables when diabetes was trying to overpower me

We are all guilty of being in a happy state of mind despite knowing what lies around the corner when it comes to diabetes. But, we are programmed like that by default as we get used to living our life a certain way. More often than not, we know what we have to do but end up not doing that for a host of reasons from being lazy to simply ignoring it.

In order to really turn things around with diabetes, it is essential to pilot your own Diabetes Management. Below are some steps I took to take control of my diabetes instead of letting it control of me.

Internalizing the diagnosis

Being diagnosed was devastating. It took a while to come to terms with the fact that I had a chronic condition that needed constant care and would need trips to the diabetes doctor.

While some people tend to feel like they have been given a death sentence, others think of it as just another health complication. Whatever be the outlook, the first step for me was accepting that I had a problem that needs to be taken care of, not hung out to dry.

You see, diabetes stays with you, and living with it has been a 24/7 thing. However, coming to terms with it has only changed my life for the better. You might be surprised to hear that, but it has got me to concentrate on certain aspects of life, that are usually put on the back burner by non-diabetics as it forces you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Taking things one step at a time

When I was newly diagnosed, I kept tab on my sugars and tried to stay healthy by putting in whatever little exercise I could, but I realized that it wasn’t enough.

Small but powerful changes were the key to tackle diabetes. They needed to be adopted as a lifestyle as opposed to just a habit. Below are some of the changes I made that really helped gain ground on effective diabetes management .

    • I read labels: As trivial as it seems, turning my food’s packaging around and looking at those minute nutrition facts that you pretty much find on almost every food was a good place to start. Not only does it help you watch your sugar levels, it also makes you more conscious about the extra carbs you’re putting in your system.
    • Saying “No”: sometimes I just wanted to look the other way and pretend as if it didn’t exist because of how exhausting the constant care was. But a dose of reality made me understand that giving in to temptation can yank you off the track. Taming your desires and leading a disciplined life is key to staying consistent. Whether it was cracking a whip on smoking, kicking sugar addiction or cutting down on alcohol, simply taking a moment to reflect on the consequences can save you from a lot of trouble. Apart from this, saying no to procrastination really made that difference in terms of putting me on the other side of high blood sugar.
    • Exercising regularly: Meeting up with the diabetes doctor regularly and devising an exercise plan that kept sugar levels well within the safe range was one lifestyle change that I strictly adopted. Slacking, when it comes to this, is a strict no if you really want to battle this disease.

Taking support

Looking to your family and friends for support can take load off your back and keep you happy. They can help keep you emotionally stable while creating an environment conducive to diabetes management .

Cranking up the motivation

Diabetes management can be exhausting because of the constant care it requires. To really keep going, think of what motivates you. It could be your family. It could be your zest for life.

Rewarding yourself

Staying consistent and committed doesn’t mean you can’t mix things up sometimes. Ultimately, we are human and we need a little something as a reward for the effort we put in. You can let loose once in a while but in moderation. Work a little harder the next day to make up for it.

I was willing to put in the work knowing that it is possible to live a full life with a little effort. From regularly testing to following a strict diet, the journey has been long but well worth it. I feel a lot more energetic and happy. Are you willing to go above and beyond to work your way around Diabetes Management , What is it going to be?