It’s High Time you take Control of your Health – Mothers with Diabetes

In between all the diaper changing, cleaning, picking up after, dropping them off at school, going over homework with them, prepping meals, going to work, running errands, and taking care of the family,
women miss out on someone almost inevitably: Themselves!

Being a mom is an all-consuming job. Staying afloat and tending to your health can be hard. But, lives are dependent on you and thus take up most of your time. However, looking out for yourself is more important than ever, especially if you have diabetes.

Being a mom is tough as it is, but pair that with diabetes and you are weighed down with never-ending fatigue, irritability, and health issues that keep cropping up. If you as a mom want to be around for your kids hale and hearty and watch them grow, something needs to change. Quite often, with the idea of prioritizing yourself, comes the resentful thought of feeling selfish or guilt.

It’s OKAY! If you dwell on the heart of the matter, you’ll know that if you give yourself the time to recoup, practice some self-care, and give your health the attention that it needs, you’ll have more of yourself to give them. Your family is most benefited when you take care of yourself.

So, let’s cut to the chase and discuss diabetes management. But first, understanding how not giving time for diabetes control affects you.

When your diabetes is not under control:

Your sugar level will soar out of control – quite obviously, but with that:
1. You might end up clogging your arteries
2. Your hands and feet can get tingly and hurt owing to nerve damage
3. You might have trouble seeing
4. Depression will come to you easier

The good news however is that, you can prevent all this and more from happening by simply taking the reins in your hand and setting up a routine for effective diabetes management. Now that’s the easy part. The hard part is sustaining it. Here are some pointers that can help:

Follow the Plan

Take your diabetes medicines – pills or insulin – when you’re supposed to. It helps if you keep an alarm. Once you get into the habit, you won’t need it anymore. And if you are forgetful, try using some phone reminders or a mobile app for diabetes.

Coordinate your medications with your meal plan. Stick to your dietary rules and be mindful of what you’re taking in. Try your hand at some new recipes that include your unrestricted food. Making your food interesting will keep you motivated.

To your surprise, you will find numerous snacks and recipes for main courses that not only have low glycemic index, but are also delicious. However, it is better to get a diabetes diet plan from a clinical nutritionist or a dietician. This will allow you to have a balanced meal without having those guilty midnight food binges.

Give Inactivity a Slip

Work your muscles regularly. It has been shown to improve sensitivity to insulin. It doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym or going for a run. Activities such as gardening, playing a sport with your kids, and walking instead of getting around in your car can help.

Keep your Sugar Levels in Check

You might have heard the old adage: What you don’t know can’t hurt you. Wrong! Think about it. Ignorance might be bliss at first, but wait till it takes control over you and you’re doomed. Visiting your diabetes centre, monitoring your blood sugar levels, and taking lifestyle modifications seriously can help improve your overall health.

Smile More Often

There’s nothing a smile can’t fix. No point taking in the burden of stress. Taking on too much stress may spur your blood sugar levels and make diabetes management a lot more difficult. Meditate, read a good book, spend some time outdoors, meet up with your friends – just let loose and let yourself be.

Seek Help

Battling diabetes is not easy and doesn’t have to be lonely. It can get overwhelming beyond measure. So, talk it out to a spouse or a sibling when things get hard. Asking for some emotional support or help when you need it is essential to keep your diabetes under control.

Remember, while your hands might be full, if you put in that little bit of effort, you’ll turn your life around. Happy and healthy is what you are going for!