5 Insulin Myths Debunked

Insulin is one of the most valuable discoveries ever made to mankind. It is a boon to Diabetics. But, it has become a taboo among people with diabetes that initiating insulin might be difficult.

Some myths on Insulin to never believe:

        #1  Diabetics always need insulin

Only people with type 1 diabetes need insulin. People with type 2 diabetes may be in control with oral anti diabetic agents. Hence never believe that diabetes leads to Insulin usage.

#2 Taking insulin means you’ve ‘failed’

People with diabetes often view the switch to insulin therapy as sign of personal failure in managing their diabetes. Many people who try very hard to adhere to a diet, exercise, and lose weight will still need insulin. It is the progressive nature of Type 2 Diabetes that some people eventually require insulin. Actually Insulin treatment is the most effective and safest way of controlling diabetes.

         #3 Insulin causes weight gain

It is a fact that insulin causes weight gain. Insulin helps your body use food more efficiently. If it is still a concern, ask a dietician to fix a pan to minimize weight gain.

         #4 If insulin lowers blood sugar too much, a person could go                 into a coma

This is another possibility, but a highly unlikely one, especially with type 2 diabetes. Still, symptoms such as shaky hands, sweating, dizziness, confusion, and hunger should be taken as signs of possible low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Only severe and untreated low blood sugar puts you at risk for unconsciousness.

         #5 Insulin causes complications like blindness and kidney                        failure

The reality is that people do not develop complications from being started on insulin, but rather, they develop complications from being started on insulin too late. Insulin actually reduces your risk of getting complications. Adding insulin to your treatment can improve your control and result in fewer complications than you would have had otherwise.