How to do an Insulin shot in the stomach

Rotating Insulin Injection Site

Insulin is injected subcutaneously, meaning under the skin. A short needle is used to inject a drug into the tissue layer between the skin and muscle. Injecting deeper into the muscle may lead to dangerously low blood glucose levels.

It is very important to rotate the injection sites. Injecting in the same stop continuously may lead to formation of lumps also called as lipodystrophy.

Injecting Insulin into Abdomen:

Abdomen is the most preferred site of injection for insulin. This is because insulin tends to be absorbed more quickly and predictably in this location. Abdomen is also the most reachable part of the body.

Steps to follow when injecting into the abdomen:

  1. Select a site between the bottom of your ribs and public area, steering clear of the area surrounding your navel
  2. Avoid any kind of scars or skin blemishes
  3. Stay clear of varicose veins and broken blood vessels as well
  4. Pinch up a part of the abdomen and inject the insulin perpendicular to the skin
  5. Push the plunger and wait for ten seconds
  6. Do not rub the area after injecting
  7. Dispose the used needle

Some safety tips :

  1. Wait for the alcohol to dry if you are using an alcohol swab, as it may sting
  2. Avoid injecting into the root of hair
  3. Keep a track of your injection sites

You are not alone in treating your diabetes. Before beginning insulin therapy, your doctor or health educator will show you the ropes.

Remember, whether you’re injecting insulin for the first time, running into problems, or just have questions, turn to your healthcare team for advice and instruction.