Diabetes Management: Mistakes You Can Avoid

Look up the internet and you will probably come to know that there are millions across the globe affected by diabetes. If the figures are scary then be prepared to be scared even more by what’s coming up next. We all know that diabetes management is not an uphill task. You can follow a few measures (you have to demonstrate due dedication for the same) and you can jolly well prevent the disorder from affecting the quality of your life adversely. However, what’s really a matter of concern is that diabetes specialists are actually committing a string of mistakes when it comes to diabetes management itself.

Read on to find out what the common notions regarding diabetes are and how they are harming patients.

Food is not the only factor to be prioritized

To start off with, a credentialed sugar specialist will never really tell you that food is the only factor affecting the sugar level in your body. There are many doctors who are emphasizing too much on food while treating patients. However, it should be noted that stress, sleep patterns, activities and hormonal changes are to be prioritized duly as well.

Stress – irrespective of what its cause is can actually spike sugar levels by a major extent. Most forms of activity lower your sugar level. However, be on guard against exercises like strength training and sprinting because they are known to impact diabetes management adversely. Lack of sleep is largely responsible for making your insulin resistant. The level of sugar in your body might as well fluctuate with hormonal changes as well.

Confused between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

You might be in consultation with the best Diabetes Clinic as a result of which you don’t know – but trust us when we say that there actually are even doctors who are confused between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Don’t believe us? Look up the internet, and you’ll actually come across instances of patients being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when they had Type 1 diabetes or vice versa. If this happens then the patient might have to cough up a huge amount of money in order to correct the treatment.

Are you guessing sugar levels too often?

This is something which is more common among the patients. A doctor will never recommend “guessing” sugar levels. However, there are patients who actually do it – no matter how horrible they are at guessing their sugar levels. They assume that there are certain symptoms signalling either spike or reduction in sugar levels. However, you should be prudently aware of the fact that the symptoms are not always consistent. You might as well be hungry because you have skipped a meal and not necessarily because you have low blood sugar. You might as well be irritated because your neighbour’s kid is shrieking at the top of his voice and not because your sugar level has increased. So, make sure you are not reaching conclusions too soon


A credentialed diabetic clinic will ensure that you’re not feeding on such myths.