Diabetes Mellitus: Doing away with the Misconceptions

Diabetes Mellitus is caused by consuming high levels of sugar. You will develop type 2 diabetes if you are overweight or obese. If you are exercising while suffering from diabetes then your sugar levels are bound to go down – causing very low sugar. The more common the disease, the more frequent the myths and misconceptions regarding the same.

Whatever we have said so far about diabetes are not facts but myths about diabetes mellitus. The disease is common because, so far acccording, to reports, it has affected millions across the globe. It can turn into a life-threatening shape if not controlled. Read on to find out more about Diabetes Mellitus myths and make sure you’re steering clear of the same.

Myth 1: Diabetes is not serious

We think that by saying that diabetes is a dangerous disease we have challenged and beaten one of the most prevalent myths about diabetes – i.e. it is not serious. You might think that it is not a serious disease because you know many people who are affected by the disease. Let us tell you that lack of or improper diabetes management can actually lead to death as well. In fact, as per resports, diabetes is responsible for causing more deaths in a year than AIDS and breast cancer combined.

Myth 2: You have diabetes because you consume too much sugar

Not, it’s not the reason behind your disease. Diabetes happens because your pancreas stops producing insulin. Type 1 diabetes is caused by hereditary and other unknown factors. Type 2 diabetes is triggered by genetics and lifestyle factors.

Myth 3: You will definitely have diabetes if you are overweight

Let us tell you that being overweight doesn’t inevitably lead to diabetes. Yes, being overweight might as well increase the risk of diabetes but there is no “unwritten rule” that you will actually suffer from diabetes if you’re overweight. Being overweight increases chances of type 2 diabetes. Consuming high calorie drinks is actually linked to type 2 diabetes.

The sugar-sweetened beverages should be religiously avoided in order to prevent diabetes. A few of these beverages include:

  • Sweet tea
  • Regular soda
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Fruit punch
  • Fruit drinks
  • Other sugary drinks



Those who are accessing the best treatment for diabetes will be duly informed about the myths. It actually gets easier to approach diabetes treatment when you are getting rid of these myths.


Myth 4: You will have low blood sugar if you are exercising


If you are exercising when you are having sugar then your sugar levels will go down to a great extent. You need not skip your workout just because you have diabetes. In fact, let us tell you that exercise is crucial to diabetes management. If you are taking insulin or any other medicine which increases insulin production in your body, then you should actually resort to exercise and diet to balance that out.


Myth 5: Insulin harms you

Insulin does not harm you. It actually is a lifesaver but might as well be very difficult for some people to manage. Improved insulin makes way for tighter blood sugar control. Make sure you are testing your blood sugar level on a regular basis.