Diabetic sweets – Nutritional value in Sweet Dalia

Diabetic sweets – Nutritional value in Sweet Dalia

Dalia is broken wheat and is called Bulgur in English. It is made from raw wheat kernels that is crushed. It is used to make porridge and is full of iron, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, but low in fat. Sweet Dalia is a popular dish that can be a diabetic sweet.

Since Dalia contains lot of fiber, it does not get converted into glucose soon. Dalia is considered one of the healthiest foods of India as it is full of nutrition and can be digested easily. Dalia is a must in a diabetes diet chart. A few reasons why you should include Dalia in your diabetic diet.

  • Due to its fiber content, Dalia satiates hunger and keeps you full for long. This helps in weight loss
  • It aids in better digestion and bowel movements
  • Due to the presence of complex carbohydrates, it is good for people with diabetes
  • It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals
  • It helps lower cholesterol levels
  • It’s a good source of plant-based protein
  • It’s low in calories and fat  


When it comes to sweet dalia, preparing it with spices like cardamom, low-fat milk, and less sugar can make it a healthy diabetic sweet.

Calories in Sweet Dalia (100 gm.)

Calories 122.74 Kcal
Protein 2.23 gm.
Fat 1.5 gm.
Saturated Fat 2.08 gm.
Carbohydrate 20.88 gm.
Fiber 1.33 gm.
Sodium 7. 74 mg.
Potassium 77.34 mg.
Calcium 40.99 mg.
Iron 0.54 mg.
Zinc 0.43 mg.

Vitamins in Sweet Dalia (100 gm.)

Vitamin A 17. 23 μg.
Vitamin B2 0.05 mg.
Vitamin B6 0.04 mg.
Vitamin B9 5.64 mg.
Vitamin C 0.59 mg.
Vitamin D2 2.07 μg.
Vitamin D3 0.04 μg.
Carotenoids 93.14 μg.