Diabetic sweets – Nutritional value in Besan Ki Barfi

Diabetic sweets – Nutritional value in Besan Ki Barfi

Most mothers know this secret. Whenever children get restless at the fare served at home, they come up with this surprising sweet dish within no time. Besan ki barfi is not only easy to make, but has some health benefits. By controlling the sugar content in this sweet, one can include it in their diabetes diet plan.

Made out of gram flour or chickpea flour, besan ki barfi goes into a class of sweets that actually does not release sugars into the bloodstream quickly.  So, with the right portion sizes, this can be a diabetic sweet that you can relish without much worry!

Why chickpea flour for diabetes?

  • Chickpea flour has more fiber when compared to other flours
  • Chickpea flour assists in bringing normal cholesterol levels
  • It is gluten-free
  • It assists in reducing weight
  • It aids in digestion and reduces constipation
  • It is full of antioxidants like polyphenols
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese
  • Roasted chickpea flour is known to have less impact in rise of blood sugar levels after meals

Chickpea flour for diabetes is a good idea; however, besan ki barfi also includes ghee, and sugar. So, intake of chickpea flour in the form of a sweet does reduce its health benefits to some extent due to the presence of excess sugar. Having said that, people with diabetes can indulge in diabetic sweets once in a while if their diabetes in under fair control.

Include besan ki barfi as a diabetic sweet in your diabetes diet chart. However, restrict portion size and enjoy it in moderation during festivals.

Calories in Besan Ki Barki (100 gm.)

Calories 648.54 Kcal
Protein 13.14 gm.
Fat 4.54 gm.
Saturated Fat 27.09 gm.
Carbohydrates 52.85 gm.
Fiber 9.15 gm.
Sodium 12.29 mg.
Potassium 577.96 mg.
Calcium 35.76 mg.
Iron 3.79 mg.
Zinc 2.2 mg.

Vitamins in Besan Ki Barfi (100 gm.)

Vitamin B2 0.09 mg.
Vitamin B6 0.13 mg.
Vitamin B9 107.38 μg.
Carotenoids 598.88 μg.
Vitamin C 0.02 mg.
Vitamin D2 1.1 μg.