7 Snack Choices for Diabetes Control

Healthy Snacks

You might be taking your diabetes seriously. You might be taking all the necessary precautions, but you are exposed to a trap that catches you unawares!

It has been found that people with diabetes, even those who are well aware of the dos and don’ts, yield to temptations when it comes to a tasty snack. And, this plays a spoilsport. All the effort put in to control diabetes goes down the drain with unhealthy snack choices.

Can healthy foods ever be tasty?

Healthy, and tasty – sometimes these words sound like an oxymoron. Can healthy food ever be tasty? Can tasty food be nutritious?
Looks like until we have had that salty fry followed by a guilt trip, our snack is not complete. Here is the low-down on why people opt for unhealthy snacks:

• They think that eating healthy is expensive
• Healthy foods do not satisfy appetite.
• It is difficult to find healthy snack options outside
• People think they can eat the snack, double up the exercise and compensate
• They cannot control their temptation.

It’s time to bid goodbye to excess salt, trans fats, and weight gain. It’s time to have snacks that are healthy and tasty too! Tune yourself for that. Colorful, crackling packs of fries tempt you to indulge, but are they worth it? Ask yourself if the hunger is psychological or does your body really need it.

Oftentimes, urge is psychological and if you do not recognize it, it can be a dangerous trap. You are putting yourself at a risk. Excess salt, trans fats, and excess carbohydrates in unhealthy snacks lead to weight gain, high blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular risks.

If you are really hungry and have that urge to gorge on something tangy or spicy, opt for healthy snacks.

Healthy and Tasty Snack Choices

1. A healthy snack should balance your sugar levels, provide energy, and of course, be tasty.
2. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are good snack options that you can munch away without guilt.
3. Granola bars, protein bars, seed puddings, and veggie wraps are good outdoor snack options.
4. Salads with vegetables, fruits, and berries are good sources of vitamins and minerals. A dash of pepper, cinnamon, and other spices gives extra taste.
5. Roasted peanuts, chickpeas, and peas with a dash of red chili are nutritious, tasty, and addictive!
6. Smoothies, and home-made chocolate bars with berries and nuts satisfy your sweet tooth, but don’t increase blood sugar levels.
7. Cucumber sandwiches, ladoo with dates and nuts, vegetable chaats, and egg sandwiches are great options for kids.

Stay tuned for some quick, and healthy snack recipes that are good for your diabetes control!