Calories in Vermicelli Upma

Semiya Upma

It might surprise you to note that your favorite breakfast food vermicelli upma actually means little worms. Yes vermicelli (semiya) is a traditional Italian pasta and it means pasta that appears like little worms. However, for a typical south Indian, vermicelli upma is a desired breakfast option because it easy to make and tastes great with vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and green peas.

For a diabetes diet plan, including vermicelli upma instead of the traditional suji or rava upma is better.  Having said that, rice vermicelli has a glycemic index of 58, which is medium glycemic index. This means that though vermicelli comes under the category of foods that takes moderate amount of time to be converted into sugars.

However, by including whole-wheat vermicelli in a diabetes diet plan can be a better choice as the glycemic index of whole-wheat vermicelli is just 35. Also, adding in more vegetables, spices, and reducing the amount of oil used to prepare vermicelli upma makes it a better diabetic diet option.

Calories in vermicelli upma (100 gm.)

Calories 164. 13 Kcal
Protein 3.97 gm.
Fat 5.04 gm.
Saturated Fat 0.33 gm.
Carbohydrates 25.03 gm.
Fiber 3.41 gm.
Sodium 2.13 mg.
Potassium 103.77 mg.
Calcium 13.79 mg.
Iron 1.01 mg.
Zinc 0.51 mg.

Vitamins in vermicelli upma (100 gm.)

Vitamin B2 0.01 mg.
Vitamin B6 0.03 mg.
Vitamin B9 9.35 μg.
Vitamin C 2.49 mg.
Carotenoids 172.07 μg.
Vitamin D2 1.75 μg.