What’s a Healthy Diabetes Diet?

Healthy Diabetes Diet

For a healthy diabetes management, lifestyle changes are crucial – most important focus aspects are a good exercise work out, a healthy diabetic diet, and abstaining from smoking habit. These changes not only bring down your sugar levels but also reduce your risk for serious diabetic complications such as heart and blood vessel damage, kidney damage, nerve damage and so on.

Following an appropriate diabetic diet is not very difficult in the present lifestyle, by virtue of a wide variety of healthy diabetic diet options available. Small but important changes to your routine diet can greatly influence your diabetes control. Some handy tips from the desk of our Apollo Sugar dietician team are

  • Eat in small quantities splitting to about 6 small meals per day instead of 3 large meals;
  • NEVER skip your breakfast
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits in every large meal
  • Aim to have good quantities of fibre every day (>25 gm/day)
    • Prefer whole grain foods to simple grain counterparts as they are high in fibre

Ex: (1) Prefer foods made from Atta versus Maida

(2) Prefer Brown rice /bread versus white rice/bread

(3) Fruits instead of fruit juices

  • Minimize the saturated fat content in your food it can be harmful to your heart
    • Preferably snack on
      • Fresh fruit, unsalted nuts and plain popcorn or vegetable salads to snacks such as sev, crisps,chevda and salted nuts.
      • Fresh sprouted mung beans or dhokla instead of pakoras, bhajis and dal vada.
    • Have baked samosas or other foods, instead of fried items, to reduce the amount of fat you use.
    • Rather than beef or mutton as your non-vegetarian dish, choose fish as it is rich in essential fats and low in saturated fats
  • Check with your doctor if you are at risk of low blood sugar episode, and carry some sugary snack with you always.

While these only a few diabetes diet adjustments, our set of expert dieticians at Apollo Sugar can help you design and stick to a diabetic diet suitable to your needs and lifestyle. To know the nearest location, please click the link here https://apollosugar.com/talk-to-us/get-in-touch/.