FAQ’s on Thyroid and its impact on Weight

FAQ's on Thyroid and its impact on Weight

The Thyroid is an Endocrine gland situated in the neck. The main function of the Thyroid is to regulate metabolism, protein synthesis and body development.

When the thyroid gland under performs, or does not secrete the required amount of hormones, it is known as Hypothyroidism. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be cold intolerance, depression, extreme tiredness, constipation and the most serious of them all- weight gain. 

Does hypothyroidism only affect energy levels and weight gain?

Hypothyroidism is the condition where the thyroid gland under performs and does not secrete enough hormones for metabolic activity. Slow down or lack of metabolic activity results in lack of energy and fatigue. Slowdown in metabolism also accounts for weight gain because the body is not able to release the energy and retains the calorie agents.

Can a thyroid patient take weight loss medicines?

For a person suffering with hypothyroidism, it is safer to consult an endocrinologist and take medication for boosting thyroid hormone production. This will help the acceleration of the metabolism.

Medication along with exercise and a low calorie and a nutritious diet will certainly, reduce the excess accumulated weight. This is far more effective than ‘Over the counter’ weight reducing pills. OTC weight loss pills have no medical certification and may not be effective in every case.

How to lose weight with PCOS and hypothyroidism?

Weight loss is very possible in people suffering from hypothyroidism. The most important factor is hormonal balance. It is best to consult an endocrinologist and get tested for hormone disorders.

Once a diagnosis is reached, it is important to be regular with medication. Shift to a healthier lifestyle. Incorporate some exercise and a healthy diet. Take care to avoid inflammations, sleep well and reduce stress and depression. This is a more sustainable and healthier way to lose weight even with hypothyroidism and PCOS.

How to stay slim or lose weight while having hypothyroidism?

It is not difficult to stay slim or trim inspite of having hypothyroidism. The most important factor is hormone balance.  Once a person starts hormone balancing medicines/ treatment, the rest is quite easy.

What is required is a slight change in lifestyle.  Reducing stress and depression is very critical. Incorporate exercise which is physically and mentally soothing. All this may not be very effective if not accompanied by a healthy, low carb high protein and a nutritious diet.

Can hypothyroid patients take fat burners to lose weight?

Fat burners are essentially nutritional supplements which help boost metabolism or the body’s ability to burn fat. Some common fat burners are caffeine and green tea.

For a patient suffering from hypothyroidism it is important to first consult the family doctor or the endocrinologist for advice on which fat burners will be helpful in a particular case. Mental and physical health, diet exercise and hormone balance is very important in maintaining good health and weight.

Will I lose weight once I take my thyroid medicine?

Thyroid medicine is not a weight loss supplement. Thyroid medicine helps in balancing out the hormone secretion by the thyroid gland. It may regulate the body’s metabolism but just medication may not be completely effective.

Medication has to be accompanied with diet, exercise and very importantly mental health. It is a good option to consult an endocrinologist and a dietician for best results.

How much weight does a person gain due to thyroid?

Thyroid hormone imbalance can be of two types over secretion or hyperthyroidism or under secretion known as hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism there is not enough secretion for normal metabolism or converting fat into energy.

If care is not taken, then a person can put on between 2-5 kilos. In many cases the weight gain can be much higher depending on the severity of the imbalance and the lifestyle of the person.

How can a hypothyroidism female patient lose weight?

Hypothyroidism generally has similar effects on men and women. The additional effect on women is that the reproductive system gets affected.

Irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS, infertility are some of the effects of hypothyroidism. It is common knowledge that the effects of hypothyroidism like infertility, PCOS, irregular periods cause weight gain.

It is actually the imbalanced hormone production of the thyroid which causes weight gain. With hormone therapy, exercise and diet it is very possible for a women afflicted with hyperthyroidism to lose accumulated weight.

Is the thyroid responsible for weight loss?

Thyroid is an endocrine gland and the main purpose of the hormone secreted is to keep the metabolism working normally. Normal metabolism constitutes a normal body weight. When the thyroid hormone goes into over load or more than normal secretion then metabolism is accelerated and there is weight loss.

On the flip side if there is low secretion of the thyroid hormone, metabolism slows down and causes a person to gain weight because the fat conversion is very slow.

Thyroid medication has been in use over a long period of time to boost metabolism and help in weight loss. Weight could be accumulated fat or salt and water retention by the body.

Care should be taken when handling weight loss with thyroid medication. Any weight lost with hormone therapy is very likely to come back when medication is stopped.

The human body is a complex mechanism with all organs and body parts have individual roles to keep the body working normally. Any deviation, whether genetic or achieved, can put the entire body out of gear and have long term effects.

It is advisable to consult the family doctor of any change in the working of the body- be it a simple hair fall or a serious infection. Be knowledgeable and get medical check ups regularly to avoid future health issues. Apollo Sugars have a large panel of endocrinologists to help diagnose most ailments. Consult us today!