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Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid hormone disorders and thyroid disorders are on the rise in India. It is estimated that there are more than 42 million people suffering with thyroid disorders and the number is increasing by the day. This high rate of incidence of thyroid problems not only demands high standards of care with endocrinologists, it also begs for creating awareness and providing preventive care.

Thyroid disorders in India

Most parts of India fall under the iodine-deficiency zones. That is why we have more number of people with iodine deficiency disorders along with other thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiters, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and thyroid cancer.

When it comes to hypothyroidism in India, there is congenital hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, and other hormonal disorders that leads to hypothyroidism. Moreover, in conditions like congenital hypothyroidism, a delay in diagnosis can lead to brain damage in newborns. In fact, even in adults, hypothyroidism due to various causes needs appropriate therapy due to the serious nature of its complications.

The presence of goiters and iodine deficiency is also quite high in India. This is because most parts of the country comes under the iodine-deficient zones. However, even after using iodized salt, the number of people with iodine deficiency and goiters has not seen a dramatic change. That is why even this condition needs early diagnosis and aggressive therapy.

In the case of autoimmune thyroid diseases, there is a small yet significant percentage of the population that suffers from thyroid autoimmunity. Even the percentage of people affected by thyroid cancer is on the rise.

Affecting children, women in general, especially during pregnancy and many others, thyroid disorders are a huge healthcare burden on the country. Thyroid disorders require continuous care by consultations with endocrinologists.

Thyroid Disorders – Apollo Sugar Approach

Apollo Sugar Clinics is a center of excellence for diabetes and endocrinology. With India’s leading endocrinologists, diabetes specialists, expert care team, and remote assistance, Apollo Sugar is a leading care provider for many thyroid disorders.

Why Apollo Sugar

Apollo Sugar Clinics provides comprehensive care for many endocrine disorders including thyroid diseases. With its highly experienced team of endocrinologists, Apollo Sugar has delivered quality healthcare with a high success rate.

We have been able to differentiate ourselves from other care providers with a unique 360-degree care approach which is:


  • Consultations with leading endocrinologists
  • High accuracy diagnostic tests
  • Expert care team that provides education regarding the condition and tips to manage it better
  • Customized diet plan with experienced clinical nutritionists

Beyond the Clinic

  • Video consultations with endocrinologists via Apollo Sugar app
  • Alerts for diet, exercise, and medication
  • 24/7 continuous assistance and support
  • Store medical records with electronic medical records
  • Diet & lifestyle assistance by expert care team

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With endocrine care that can be accessed right from the comfort of your home, Apollo Sugar ensures that you manage your thyroid disorder without any difficulty.

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