FAQs about PCOS & Hair Loss

Excess Hair Growth or Loss due to PCOS

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder among women that causes excess hair growth or hair loss. It leads to production of more androgens than usually required by the body.

These extra androgens lead to hair thinning on scalp and excess unwanted hair growth on face and other body parts. Below is everything you wanted to know about PCOS and its relation with excess hair growth or loss:

Does polycystic ovaries syndrome cause hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by the imbalance of the hormone which also causes PCOS and related disorders. One disorder caused by hormonal imbalance is hyperactive androgens or an excessive secretion of the male hormone Testosterone.

Excessive secretion of testosterone gives rise to a few masculine features like balding in the male pattern which usually starts from the middle of the head. There may be balding on the head but a lot of unwanted facial and body hair. Therapy and medication can be very helpful in controlling hair loss.

Is hair regrowth possible after hair loss due to PCOS?

Hair loss is caused when the hair follicle gets destroyed. There are many causes for hair fall or hair loss.

Hormonal imbalance can cause an over secretion of testosterone or the male hormone in women and destroy the hair follicles. In such cases hair regrowth is possible only with medication and hormone balancing therapy.

How does a female with PCOS treat hair loss or balding?

Medication is the best option for hair re growth. Oral contraceptive pills reduce the levels of androgens and control hair loss as well as excessive superfluous hair. Another option is weight loss.

Losing weight helps in regulating the hormones and consequently hair loss. Zinc and Biotin supplements also help in regenerating hair. Of course a healthy diet and oiling are good for hair care.

What should I do to reduce facial hair growth due to PCOS?

The best way is to stop the intake of dairy products in your diet. Additionally, medical treatment that regulates your hormones can certainly reduce facial hair growth as hormonal imbalance is responsible for it. So any kind of hormonal medication can curb the excess hair growth on your face.

Can metformin reverse hair loss?

Metformin is a medicine used for controlling high sugar levels. Sometimes it is also used as hormonal treatment for PCOS.

Hair loss is also caused by PCOS. As the endocrine system is directly or indirectly connected, Metformin which is extensively used for controlling high sugar levels and PCOS can be a good source for reducing hairfall especially in women. Please consult your physician before you start using it.

Can PCOS cause facial hair growth?

Yes, PCOS can cause facial hair growth. PCOS is caused by a hormonal imbalance which causes over production of the male hormone testosterone in women. Testosterone causes superfluous hair growth in men, deep voice, muscles and is a growth factor in men.

Over production in women can generate all these problems. Fortunately this kind of hair growth is treatable with hormone therapy and medication.

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