Women’s Day – It’s time to push for better health

Happy Women’s Day! Together let’s #PushforProgress. First of all, Apollo Sugar Clinics takes this opportunity to thank you for all your achievements and contribution. It’s time to forge ahead for more.

The fight for parity is still on and is full of challenges. But for many of you, following your passion in life is no longer a huge challenge. You can be an entrepreneur, a designer, or a dirt bike rider. You can travel the world, fulfill your personal and career goals, attain motherhood or maybe not! It’s about having free will to choose.

And, your journey towards living your passion is only possible with good education, work-life balance, strong financial planning, knowing when to say no, knowing how to de-stress, and keeping an eye on health.

Work interferes with family, and family interferes with work. In a work-home environment where performance comes first, you are tempted to become a 12-handed multitasker only to become a burnout. Though multitasking has advantages, you tend to have diminished focus, especially on your health.

If you feel like a pendulum moving to and fro getting ahead at work and spending quality time with your family, being a homemaker and following your dreams, here are 15 things you can do to stay healthy and forge ahead

1.Exercise every day – Stay Fit
2.Reach ideal body mass index
3.Learn to de-stress
4.Get adequate sleep
5.Know about your family medical history
6.Eat a heart-healthy diet
7.Reduce intake of salt
8.Check your hemoglobin levels regularly
9.Know about early symptoms of diabetes
10.Get regular mammograms
11.Get pap test for cervix
12.Get tested regularly for diabetes and high cholesterol
13.Get regular thyroid tests
14.Keep an eye on your bone health. Talk to your doctor about calcium supplementation
15.Talk to your doctor about B12 vitamin supplementation

It is very important to remain happy. Women are more prone to depression than men. If you have had a pregnancy recently, have menstrual cycle changes, are menopausal or pre-menopausal, talk to your family and your doctor. Act before it leads to depression.

If you have diabetes, managing your diabetes and getting along with life can pose its special challenges .With higher heart disease risk, more vaginal and urinary infections along with infertility for women in diabetes, changing diet, getting exercise, and getting regular tests become that much more important.

Though there is need for lifestyle transformation, many women hesitate to talk about their condition. However, it is very important to share your diabetes concerns with your family and friends. Adopting a healthy diet, taking time for exercise, and getting tests on time needs support from friends and family.

Finally, you are not alone in your fight against diabetes. Apollo Sugar Clinics provides comprehensive diabetes care with diet tips, doctor consultations, and connected glucometers.