How to use an insulin pen?

Injecting Insulin through Insulin Pens

Insulin pens have gained popularity among people with diabetes for injecting insulin. Various advantages include its easiness in carrying, multi utility for any kind of insulin, dialable dosage, lesser wastage of insulin etc., nevertheless, it is very important to know the right technique to use the pen.

A step-wise guide from Apollo Sugar to ensure the perfect dosage and effectiveness of Insulin:

Examining the stored Insulin

  1. Make sure that there are no clogs or thread like structures in the insulin vial.
  2. Storage plays a main part. Be sure to store the insulin at optimum temperatures for administering.

With the pen

  1. Remove the cap of the pen and sterilize the rubber cap with an alcohol swab. Remove the covering on the needle and insert into the pen not too tightly.
  2. Turn the dosage knob.
  3. Hold the pen pointing towards the top and press until at least one drop of insulin appears.
  4. Enter the number of units in the pen.


  1. Decide on an injection site, ask your educator to educate you on the changing of sites regularly. Try to stay at least 1 inch from the last shot, any scars, and your belly button.
  2. Wrap your hand around the pen with the thumb free.
  3. Gently pinch up the skin, put the pen perpendicular to the skin and inject the dose.
  4. Pull the injection out gently


Unscrew the needle from the pen and dispose the needle, store the pen in the recommended areas.