How to control diabetes

Millions of diabetic patients across the globe have but one question – How to control Diabetes? Most people talk about the obvious things like compliance with medication, maintaining a good diet, getting adequate exercise, and periodical screenings. All these things sure keep the symptoms of diabetes and diabetes-related complications at bay; however, most doctors and medical practitioners give lesser importance to the psychological aspect of diabetes care.

Diabetes awareness levels in India

Governments and private medical institutions are on a crusade to create awareness regarding diabetes symptoms, the nature of the disease, its complications, and management. Most people are aware of diabetes, how the symptoms of high blood sugar manifest, and how it cannot be cured and has to be managed.

(Awareness levels regarding diabetes is higher in the urban areas than the rural areas).

Patients who are diagnosed with diabetes are given some form of education in the form of counseling (mostly done by consultant diabetologists) and literature (in the form of leaflets and pamphlets). The dos and don’ts are clearly explained along with the risk of complications that arise due to poor glycemic control.

Yet many doctors feel that the rate of positive outcomes in terms of treatment and risk mitigation can be vastly increased with better compliance.

Psychological aspect of diabetes care    

Though all efforts are made to educate a diabetic patient, it is a known fact that coping with diabetes is an uphill task. Controlling food cravings, complying with medications, getting regular physical exercise on a daily basis is certainly tough.

One sure can say that diabetes is quite a needy disease and in some cases might require monitoring multiple times a day. In such a scenario, the psychological aspect of diabetes care is equally important as medication and lifestyle management.

Right from the time of the diagnosis when the patient experiences diabetes symptoms initially to the entire lifespan, the patient needs constant support, encouragement, and motivation to comply with the treatment since one slip can alter the glycemic control.

Without the key psychological support:

  •         Most patients do not get the effective behavioral modification to alter their lives.
  •         There is suboptimal control.
  •         There is an increase in the complications.
  •         Decreased quality of life.
  •         Higher long term health care expenditures.

Diabetes is a condition that needs not only medications, but also a lot of resilience and willpower to recognize, and amend lifestyle maladaptations.

With the first instance of the appearance of the signs of diabetes, some patients take to denial while others get depressed and resign to fate. In both these cases, caregivers are deprived of the active participation of the control of the disease condition.

This hampers better outcomes and leads to complications like depression, cardiovascular diseases, increase in the symptoms of diabetes and even affects the social life of the patient.

It is for this reason that Apollo Sugar Clinics has come up with a patient-centric model and takes diabetes care beyond the clinic. As the patient needs constant encouragement, motivation, suggestions and support to manage diabetes, we have come up with a holistic model that provides 360-degree care.

Moreover, our diagnostics, clinical care, and beyond the clinic care take into account the goals of glycemic control, mitigation of risk of complications, and providing support to the patient to adhere to the treatment method.

The In-Clinic care provides consultations with expert diabetologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, and podiatrists along with a lifestyle counseling with experienced dieticians.

From the clinic, the care is extended with the long arm of technology. With the use of Apollo Sugar app, patients get reminders, can view their reports, get advice and comply with treatment.

Apart from this, with the provision of glucometers, we enable self-monitoring of blood sugar levels. Also, patients get periodical calls from expert health coaches who advise and give suggestions to patients.

This evidence-based treatment model has shown proven results and that’s the reason why we have been able to remain the best diabetes care provider in India for the second consecutive year.

Apollo Sugar Clinics believes in providing holistic care that takes into consideration the psychological aspects of care in earnesty.