Sugar 90 Flexi

Apollo Sugar Clinics presents a robust 3-month program to reach targeted blood sugar levels with a 360-degree
management of diabetes complications.

With this diabetes program you get:

  • Measurable improvement in outcomes HbA1c levels.
  • Complete lifestyle management support with Dieticians along with the prescription of a diet.
  • Consultations with diabetologists and endocrinologists with a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • A glucometer for self-monitoring of blood glucose levels.
  • Apollo Sugar App. This app allows the patient to keep a tag of the medications, and sugar levels along with smart diet planner and a reminder to take medications.
  • Outbound calls, SMS alerts, and interactive sessions with health coach from Diabetes Management Center.

By providing in-clinic, tech-based, and interactive support, Apollo Sugar Clinics ensures better outcomes.

Sugar 90 Flexi ECO-SYSTEM

Day 1

  • Documentation
  • Consultation
  • Diagnostics
  • Lifestyle
  • Mobile APP

Day 3

  • Welcome Call

Day 28

  • Diet & Exercise Call

Day 45

  • BS Tracker Cell

Day 65

  • Diet/Exercise review call

Day 80

  • Program Summary Call
  • Clinic Visit Call

Q1 End

  • Consultation
  • Diagnostics
  • Lifestyle
  • Summary Report
  • Package upgrade


  • 24×7 management and monitioring
  • Comprehensive support to access Rx, Charts, Consultation brief on your fingertips