Diabetes and feet – Symptoms of Foot Calluses

Symptoms of foot calluses in diabetes

People with diabetes generally have damage to their peripheral nerves along with poor blood supply to their feet. This leads to a host of conditions like foot corns and calluses. Proper foot care in diabetes can prevent these conditions from turning into a diabetic foot ulcer.

Diabetes and feet – Symptoms of foot calluses

Foot calluses are quite common in people with diabetes. This is due to the pressure exerted on the feet and the lack of sensation of pressure that is a result of diabetic neuropathy. In a foot callus, there is thickening of the skin that is caused due to pressure and friction. If left untreated, foot calluses can progress to form a diabetic foot ulcer or diabetic foot infection.

Foot callus symptoms

  • Raised, bumpy area on the skin of feet
  • Areas on the feet that have rough and thick skin
  • Dry and flaky appearance on the affected area
  • Pain and tenderness upon touch
  • Yellow or grey colored skin on the affected area