Diabetes and feet – Blisters Symptoms

Symptoms of diabetic foot blisters

People with diabetes experience many changes in their skin, especially the skin of their feet as it has poor blood circulation, diabetic neuropathy, and sweat. A condition that arises due to changes in the skin is diabetic blisters of the feet.

Diabetes and feet- Symptoms of Diabetic Blisters

Poor diabetes control leads to a host of conditions. When it comes to diabetes complications of the skin, diabetic blisters are common condition which do not cause any pain. These blisters occur on the arm, legs, and feet.

Though the exact causes of diabetic blisters are not known, they are more common in men with diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, and other conditions like peripheral artery disease.

Diabetic blisters are also known to occur in people who have sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, and may also be due to fungal infections. Though diabetic blisters are painless, they are known to be itchy and cause discomfort.

Symptoms include:

  • Large blisters that look like blisters after a burn (generally up to 6 inches)
  • Blisters filled with fluid
  • Itching on the skin surrounding the blister
  • At times, blisters appear with redness and swelling

Since diabetic blisters may lead to a diabetic foot infection, it is important to consult a diabetes doctor or a podiatrist as soon as you notice these symptoms.