Effects of Type 1 Diabetes on Pregnant women

Type 1 Diabetes on Pregnant women

For a woman the biggest joy is motherhood. Infertility is a common complication for women suffering from Type I diabetes.  With proper blood sugar control and diabetes treatment there is every possibility to have normal conception, pregnancy, and delivery of a normal baby.

Pregnancy risks associated with type 1 diabetes

  • High blood pressure– This affects heart health of the mother and fetus
  • Hypoglycemia -Low blood glucose levels cause fatigue, and weakness with a risk of even falling down
  • Insulin resistance –Some medications can cause high blood sugar levels also known as insulin resistance
  • Caesarean Sections- These are very common in women with type I diabetes mainly because of complications involved
  • Premature delivery or early birth – If sugars are uncontrolled, then there is a risk of premature birth.
  • Miscarriages- Some women with Type I diabetes do not control their high blood sugar levels in the first trimester because of which they are not able to carry the pregnancy to the full term
  •  Stillborn babies- This is a sad truth if high blood sugar levels are not controlled during pregnancy

Symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy –

  • Extreme thirst and urination –These symptoms are common even in non-diabetics and should not be ignored
  • Fatigue – Common even in non-diabetics and should be addressed
  • Extreme hunger – Common even in non-diabetics – an important factor which needs monitoring of blood sugar levels
  • Weight loss – An important factor which needs monitoring of blood sugar levels
  • Blurred vision- This could mean that there are high blood sugar levels

It is very necessary for a pregnant woman with type I diabetes to be aware of every symptom. Regularly and consistently monitoring blood sugar levels- either with a glucometer at home or at a diabetes clinic is very important.

Keep regular contact with the gynecologist and diabetologist. Eat according to the diabetic food chart. This will be beneficial for both the mother and child and will control high blood sugar levels. Rest is also very important for good health.

Diabetes symptoms after pregnancy–

  • Blood sugar swings are very common. They could change from low to high or vice versa in just a few minutes especially in women with type 1 diabetes.  It is very important to know the symptoms of highs and lows and act accordingly. For this, it is important to monitor sugar levels consistently even after delivery.
  • Depression or postpartum blues are very common in all women and more so in women with type 1 diabetes. Get help for depression as this has negative effects on normal blood sugar levels.
  • Fatigue is very common after delivery. It is important to know whether it is normal fatigue or because of low/high sugar levels. It is very important to rest or get some “me-time” to relax, rest or just “chill”
  • Diabetes Medications during breastfeeding should be taken on the advice of the diabetologist or diabetic care clinic.

To fully enjoy her pregnancy and motherhood a pregnant woman with type 1 diabetes should devise a comprehensive healthcare plan to include continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels, consume healthy diabetic food. Exercise like walking and deep breathing goes a long way towards maintaining good health. Combined with good sleep at night and some “me-time” during the day makes a pregnant woman or new mother a happy woman. A happy mother makes for a happy home.