Diabetes Mellitus: Different Types Discussed

Diabetes Mellitus can actually be described as a chronic condition characterized by increased levels of sugar in your blood. This particular condition, once again, is the result of disturbed glucose regulations in our bodies. You might as well have heard that patients having Diabetes Mellitus actually take insulin. So, what exactly is insulin?

Insulin is nothing but a hormone produced by the pancreas. This particular hormone is responsible for uptaking glucose from the blood to the cells in order to ensure that they are functioning properly. In other words, it might as well be claimed that insulin is responsible for aiding crucial body functions or activities including working, playing, digesting and other body processes like heart functioning and blood circulation.

All about the types of diabetes

You must have also heard about the different types of diabetes like type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes etc and must be wondering how they differ from each other- right? Perusing further through the post will help you discover.

Type 1 Diabetes

The moment you hear about Type 1 diabetes you will realize it is something less talked and written about than what’s the case with Type 2 diabetes. It is because of the fact that it is a less prevalent type of diabetes than type 2 diabetes as well. Mostly children and young adults are affected by the same as a result of which it is also known as juvenile diabetes. It is an autoimmune condition. Your body’s immune system itself is responsible for destroying the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. With the insulin producing cells thus destroyed, the level of insulin thus produced also goes down. For further information regarding type 1 diabetes contact a diabetes specialist in your city without any delay.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, as has already been indicated above, is a relatively prevalent type of diabetes when compared to type 1 diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes, this one generally affects older people. Heredity and lifestyle are the two main factors contributing to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes. And, what exactly are the lifestyle habits that are usually responsible for type 2 diabetes? Here are the answers:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor eating habits or behavior
  • Obesity
  • Low physical activity

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is more common among pregnant women. It occurs generally during the third trimester and is temporary in nature. Very interestingly those affected by this type of diabetes have had never had diabetes before but definitely registered high sugar levels. If maternal health is ignored now then it can lead to serious pre-natal complications in the near future. It is so important to monitor mother’s health during this time. This particular type is usually temporary in nature.


Prediabetes is perhaps the least heard about. It is a condition characterized by high sugar levels but definitely not high enough for the person to be diagnosed with diabetes at the first place. Prediabetes, needless to say indicate chances of diabetes and the beginning of diseases related to the heart or blood vessels.

Your Diabetes Specialist will help you find out about more about this chronic disorder.