Questions you should ask your diabetes specialist

Doctor Consultant

The credentials of the diabetic specialist chosen by you will go a long way in influencing your quality of life – of course, after you have been diagnosed with diabetes. You cannot walk into a specialist’s office just like that – simply because there is no room for rushed decisions in these cases.

Let us tell you diabetes – as much as it is considered to be a life-long vagary – doesn’t necessarily have to take a life-threatening shape. Keeping diabetes under control- that’s definitely a collaborative effort. The diabetes specialist has to guide you properly and you have to act as per his advice all your life. Listed below are a few questions that you must ask your specialist. Prepare these questions before stepping inside the clinic. Sitting inside the doctor’s chamber absolutely clueless would be intimidating.

So, go through the list of the questions that you should ask your Diabetes Doctors before the start of the treatment and during the treatment as well. Read on to unravel.

How frequently should you check your blood sugar?

This is one of the questions very commonly asked by diabetic patients. Don’t be afraid if you end up discovering that your friend has been advised more frequent checks than what you have been told to do. Patients with different needs are advised different frequencies of monitoring. You should ask this question at every session you are attending and find out whether you should increase or decrease your monitoring level.

Can I resort to a generic medication schedule?

This is the real concern among patients who find it difficult to afford the expensive diabetes medicines. If possible, your specialist can actually recommend a switch to the older drug – which is definitely more effective but less expensive. A generic version of the drug presently prescribed – may be backed by similar virtues as well.

There are times when patients assume that they have to continue with the expensive drugs prescribed by their specialists. In some cases, it’s true that you have no other option but to rely on them- but there also are few instances when you can afford to make the switch – as has been mentioned above. So, it is important to ask your specialists before assuming things too quickly.

How do I take my medications and when do I take them?

As obvious as it may sound- there are many patients who are not as meticulous in their approach as they should be. Your medication might be different from that of other diabetic patients who you know. Make sure you are not relying on half-baked information from the doctors – thinking that you will ask other diabetic friends about their dosages and take them in accordance. If you think that your specialist has not offered you complete informartion make sure you are proactively asking questions, taking down notes and acting in accordance.

Taking these steps will definitely help you take the most of meaningful diabetes car. So keep them in mind without fail!