Best Whole grains for people with diabetes

whole grains

Diabetes doctors, and endocrinologists say this time and again. Diabetes treatment at home starts with the diet you choose. If your diabetic food list is full of whole grains, the chances of controlling your post-meal sugar levels are quite high. This is because whole grains take more time to digest and thus release sugars into the blood slowly.

Healthy grains that can be included in your diabetes diet plan:

Whole Wheat Flour

Refined wheat (maida) has high glycemic index. This means it releases glucose into your bloodstream quickly. However, whole wheat is a complex carbohydrate. Switch to whole wheat bread and rotis. Lesser sugars help in weight loss and balancing blood sugar levels.

Bajra Or Pearl Millet

Indian women are prone to iron-deficiency anemia.  Bajra is the ideal whole grain for this. Bajra has a high iron content, amino acids and healthy proteins. It is very good for lowering sugar levels and keeping the body healthy. Bajra ki roti is in fact a latest trend in haute cuisine.


Jowar is abundant with antioxidants, rich in fiber, and good for weight loss. Keeps sugars low.


The greatest health benefit of barley is that it is good for your liver. Barley is easily absorbed, low in calories and extremely beneficial to the liver and consequently to the whole body. Whole and unprocessed barley has a very low glycemic index of 22 to 35 depending upon the process of cooking.


Ragi is one of the healthiest grains. Ragi is a heart healthy Indian grain that helps lower cholesterol levels. Lower cholesterol levels reduce the risk of cardiac ailments and blood circulation problems.  Being low in carbohydrates makes it diabetes friendly and helps in reducing weight.

Coarse Rice Flour

Coarse rice flour has less of starch and more of vitamin B12 than the grain. Rotis made out of rice flour are easy to digest and also good for the heart. At the same time it is not as high in carbohydrates as in the rice grain.

Kuttu or Buckwheat

Traditionally, kuttu or buckwheat flour is used in Indian cooking as “phaliar” or as religious fasting food. It is rich in fiber and gives a feeling of satiation during the fast. It is very good for lowering blood sugar levels.

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