Sugar 90 Flexi – What is Sugar 90 Flexi?

People with diabetes are much more likely to have heart diseases, stroke, kidney disease, and thyroid problems.This is because diabetes affects multiple organs.

To avoid such major diseases, it is proven thata comprehensiveapproach is more beneficial than isolated management for each condition.

That is why our expert Endocrinologists and Diabetes Specialists have come up with Sugar 90. With Sugar 90, we support you to fight diabetes on a daily basis.

In a 90-day tenure Sugar 90 ensures:

  • Significant reduction in HbA1c and blood sugar levels.
  • Constant guidance to maintain diet, medication, and exercise.
  • Reduce risk of major diseases by monitoring multiple parameters.
Our Success

People who adhered to Sugar 90 had:

  • 20% reduction in HbA1c levels *
  • Reduction in total cholesterol in just 4 weeks *
  • Reduction of TSH in just 6 weeks *

*Results may vary from patient to patient