Sugar 360 Platinum – What is Sugar 360 Platinum?

As you age with diabetes, your risk of major illnesses gets higher. To stay healthy, you need something more than diabetes medications. Sugar 360 Platinum is the right diabetes care program that is designed to gain control over diabetes and monitor complications at the same time.

Sugar 360 addresses diabetes and all related complications. This one-year program aims to reduce your risk of heart disease, kidney and eye damage, and nerve damage that occurs in diabetes.

Including in-clinic and home services, it is a perfect solution for someone who has high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and is at risk of other diseases in diabetes.

  • Regular Consultations with Diabetes Specialists
  • Complete Lab Tests & Comprehensive Diabetes Complication Screening
  • Continuous Monitoring with Connected Glucometer & Apollo Sugar app
  • Dedicated Services of Nutritionists & Diabetes Educators

Our Success:

  • 20% reduction in HbA1c levels*
  • Reduction in total cholesterol in just 4 weeks*
  • Reduction of TSH in just 6 weeks*

Reduction in total cholesterol in just 4 weeks*