Success story of a diabetes patient @ Apollo Sugar Clinics, Navi Mumbai

I have had diabetes for the past 1 ½ years, but I did not take any medications for that. Recently, my blood sugar levels shot up drastically and it had reached a value of 351.1 mg/dL. My sister-in-law takes treatment for her diabetes at Apollo Sugar Clinics and she had advised me to consult Dr. Mahesh Chavan. I am really happy to note that whatever my sister-in-law had told about the doctor is absolutely true. I am really happy with the way Apollo Sugar treated me for my diabetes. In just 4 days, my blood sugar levels dropped to 178 mg/dL from 351.1 mg/dL. 5 days later it had stabilized at from 125 mg/dL to the prescribed level. I am really happy with the treatment here. Thank you Apollo Sugar.

Dr.-Mahesh-Chawan - Diabetes Doctor & Endocrinologist Specialist

Dr. Mahesh Chavan

Sr. Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetologist