7 Good Carbs for People with Diabetes

You do not have to restrict yourself from having carbs if you have diabetes! The key is to eating in proper proportions and choosing the right carbs that will not spike your blood sugar, but control it.

Here’s a list of healthy carbs for people with diabetes –

Whole wheat pasta –

Anything you indulge in should be in portion control. Just because it says ‘whole wheat’ or ‘whole grain’ does not mean you eat a lot of it. Whole wheat pasta contains equal phytonutrients as other whole grains and has enough fiber. A cup of cooked whole wheat pasta with 40 grams carbs and 6 grams fiber, lots of non-starchy vegetables and lean protein will make you a delicious, wholesome meal!

Brown rice –

Whole grains such as brown rice is full of fiber-rich grain kernel which helps to slow the speed at which the carbs hit your bloodstream. Enjoy a little bowl of brown rice for lunch with a portion of non-starchy vegetables and lean protein.

Oatmeal –

Eating oats without sugar on the regular can help to lower both HbA1c and fasting blood sugar levels. Half a cup cooked oats in skim milk or some delicious overnight oats pudding for breakfast the next day sounds like a perfect first-meal to kick start your day!

Lentils and beans –

Both beans and lentils are an excellent source of fiber and protein when consumed on the regular, helps in controlling blood pressure. Make some quick fresh boiled lentil and beans salad with olive oil and greens, or a soup and have a light-tasty dinner.

Sweet potatoes –

This super food takes time to digest more slowly compared to white potatoes and also does not raise your blood sugar quickly, because of its high-fiber content. Sweet potatoes are also rich in beta-carotene, so go ahead, boil and eat them with your favorite seasoning or just slice them, season and bake – this makes a great snack.

Berries –

Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries have low sugar content compared to all other fruits and they are full of fiber that does not spike your blood sugar either! These berries as a snack or breakfast topped over some fresh Greek yogurt provide you lots of phytonutrients like flavonoids, phenols, anthocyanin’s that helps to boost your immunity. Berries are also known as cancer-fighting foods.

Greek yogurt –

The best snack topped with some berries and almonds or by itself is full of essential nutrients like calcium and protein. People with diabetes have low-bone density and the amount of calcium in Greek yogurt is quite a good choice. Whip up a parfait with some fresh berries, almonds and Greek yogurt and call it a day.