Is Jowar good for diabetes?

Jowar health benefits in diabetes

It’s an art making jowar rotis. Many homemakers envy those who make jowar roti with ease as jowar flour just doesn’t cooperate with the rolling pin. You have to hand-press in order to flatten the dough. Moreover, you have to add hot water in jowar flour to knead it. However, one is sufficiently rewarded going through all these efforts as there are numerous health benefits including jowar for diabetes.

Why is jowar good for diabetes?

Known as sorghum, jowar is one of the oldest cultivated cereal crops the world over. It is a tropical millet that has numerous health benefits and is considered a better alternative in a diabetic diet in place of rice and wheat.

Health benefits of jowar

  • Jowar is gluten-free
  • It is rich in protein
  • Contains lots of dietary fiber that is good for people with diabetes and heart problems
  • It contains minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, copper
  • Jowar is loaded with antioxidants that can prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • It assists in weight loss

How does jowar help in diabetes control?

For every 100 grams, jowar roti calories pack in 334 Kcal of pure gluten-free energy. They are full of fiber, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. Jowar or jowar flour has certain phytochemical compounds that have properties of improving insulin sensitivity, lowering cholesterol levels, and cancer prevention.

Jowar is especially beneficial for people with diabetes as consuming jowar or jowar roti consistently can reduce hepatic gluconeogenesis (glucose produced from the liver).

Jowar glycemic index

Jowar is a moderate glycemic index food. However, the fiber content along with other nutrients in jowar makes it a food that needs to be included in a diabetes diet plan as it assists in weight loss.

Moreover, jowar glycemic index changes if they are made into a coarse flour and subject to cooking procedures like boiling, making rotis, and making porridges. It is known that white jowar glycemic index is 49.85 and yellow jowar glycemic index is 52.56. Despite that, the presence of resistant starch makes jowar a good inclusion in a diabetes diet plan.