Best Endocrinologist & Diabetologist in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

Dr Sandeep Rai - Diabetes Doctor & Endocrinologist Specialist

Dr. Sandeep Rai - Sr. Consultant  Diabetologist

  • M.B.B.S Diplomate National Board (D.N.B), (Internal Medicine),
  • PG Dip Diabetes ; F.R.C.P (UK)
  • Specializes in type 1 & type 2 diabetes, diabetes complications, insulin therapy, insulin pump, and metabolic diseases
  • Member, Medical Council of India (MCI), Member, Association of Physicians of India (API)

Consulting Locations Time
Navi Mumbai Mon to Sat 6.00PM to 8.00PM
Experience: 28 years

M.B.B.S Diplomate National Board (D.N.B),
(Internal Medicine), PG Dip Diabetes ; F.R.C.P (UK)

He is also practicing as Consultant Diabetologist at the MGM & Fortis Hospitals, Navi Mumbai. He was earlier a Consultant Physician at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. He is Unit Head & Senior Professor in Post Grad Dept of Internal Medicine & In charge Division of Diabetology at MGM Institute of Health Sciences, which is a 1000 bedded Tertiary Health Care Centre in Navi Mumbai. He is also the Head of Diabetes Specialty Clinic, an advanced Centre for Diabetes Care Research at the MGMIHS. He is a Member Academic Council and Core Research Group and has been Chairman Board of Studies at the MGM University of Health Sciences. He is a Guide & Examiner for DNB, MD, PhD in Medicine all over India. He is a National Faculty and Guest Speaker & Chairperson in many conferences including RSSDI & APICON, MAYO ID. Besides he has been invited as Distinguished Speaker in various prestigious International Conferences on Medicine sponsored by World Health Organization & United Nations & BRICS International Forum from time to time in various parts of the World. He has written many Chapters in Medicine Text books.

He provides  treatment for:

  • Advanced Diabetes Treatment.
  • Diabetes Complications of the Nerves, foot, and the Heart.
  • Continuous Glucose monitoring.
  • Insulin Therapy.
  • Insulin Pump.
  • Diabetic Ulcer Treatment.
  • Metabolic Diseases.
  • Head and Neck Infections.
  • Respiratory Tract infections.
  • Diabetes Prevention and education.



  • M.B.B.S Diplomate National Board (D.N.B), (Internal Medicine),
  • PG Dip Diabetes ; F.R.C.P (UK)


  • "Trophy & Citation Awarded by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for proving Dedicated Medical Service to the Community (2015) Distinguished Steering Committee member 2007
  • 2011- Towards Sustainable Global Health” sponsored by the United Nations organizations UNESCO
  • IHDP Distinguished Chairperson -World Congress of Integrated Medicine
  • Colombo. Honored Doctor Award by – Malyalee Association Delhi Best Research Paper Award – National Journal -2010 – 1st Prize – Poster Presentation in National Diabetes Conference "

Success Story for Navi Mumbai Diabetes Clinics Doctor Dr. Sandeep Rai

Mr. Atul Shrivastav journey

I am Atul Shrivastav aged 42 years. I have had diabetes for the past 7 and a half years. I was facing many health issues due to my diabetes. My blood sugar levels were always fluctuating. Sometimes, it would be more than 300 mg/dL, and at other times, it used to dip to below 60 mg/dL. I consulted Dr. Sandeep Rai for my diabetes and from then on, I witnessed many positive changes. With changes in medication, the rashes on my skin too disappeared. Other complaints like body pains, and cramps too disappeared. Along with these changes, my hypothyroidism too came under good control. Now, for the past one year, I am totally healthy. Thank you Dr. Sandeep Rai and thank you Apollo Sugar!


I am Prakash and I am 51 years old. Though we do not have a family history of diabetes, I have diabetes. Since I work with Air India, I was referred to Dr. Sandeep Rai of Apollo Sugar Clinics, Apollo Hospitals. After consulting him, I started on my treatment regimen. In fact, he even suggested certain key lifestyle changes that would improve my diabetes. I suggested a change in the diet. After following these changes, my blood sugar levels are normal now. Now, my blood sugar level is 108 mg/dL. I am glad to say that I have benefited a lot with Apollo Sugar Clinics.

Mrs. Gopinathan

I am Mrs. Gopinathan aged 56 yrs. I came to a health checkup last year and was diagnosed with diabetes with high blood sugar levels. My fasting blood sugar level was 190 mg/dL and my postprandial blood sugar level was 450 mg/dL. I started my treatment with Dr. Sandeep Rai and from then on, my blood sugar levels started to get back to normal levels. Now, my fastuing blood sugar level is 103 mg/dL and my postprandial blood sugar level is 125 mg/dL. I am now able to take part in all the activities without any issues. I am grateful for the treatment offered by the doctor and the support extended by the care team. I follow the medication plan prescribed by the doctor and am healthy now.