Dr. RM. ManiKandan

  • MRCP (Internal Medicine), MRCP (Endocrinology & Diabetes)
  • Specializes in type 1 & type 2 diabetes, endocrine disorders, thyroid disorders, and insulin therapy

MRCP (Internal Medicine), MRCP (Endocrinology & Diabetes)

Dr. R M Manikandan is an Endocrinologist & General Physician and practices at Apollo Hospitals in Madurai East, Madurai.

He provides treatment for:

  • Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Insulin Treatment.
  • Thyroid Disorders.
  • Pituitary Disorders.


  • MBBS, Annamalai University.
  • MRCP, Federation of Royal College of Physician of the United Kingdom.

Consulting Locations Time
  • Mon-Sat:- 9:30AM-6PM