Diabetes and feet – Ingrown nails diagnosis

Diagnosis of ingrown nails in diabetes

Foot complications are quite common in diabetes. They occur due to poor blood circulation as a result of diabetic vasculopathy, reduced immunity, and diabetic neuropathy that damages the nerves of the feet. Ingrown nails is a common diabetic foot problem that generally affects the big toe.

Diabetes and feet- Diagnosis of ingrown nails

Reduced immunity and poor blood circulation in diabetes is a risk factor for major infections. This is the case for people with diabetes and ingrown nails. If left untreated, ingrown nails cause severe foot pain, diabetic foot infections, and other complications that demand foot amputation.

That is why as a person with diabetes and ingrown nails should consult a diabetes doctor and a podiatrist as soon as ingrown nails appear.

It is common to have severe discomfort in people with ingrown nails. Upon visiting a doctor, a detailed physical examination of the affected toe is undertaken. After that, an x-ray of the feet is taken so that the extent of the injury and the underlying cause is evaluated.

Once the diagnosis of ingrown nails is confirmed, doctors assess the diabetes control of the patient and suggest home treatment or surgery.