Diabetes and feet – Foot calluses diagnosis

Diagnosis of foot calluses in diabetes

People with diabetes are prone to many diabetic foot problems due to nerve damage, poor blood supply, and reduced immunity. Even minor problems like corns and calluses need proper foot care in diabetes as these can very easily progress into a diabetic foot ulcer or a diabetic foot infection.

Diabetes and feet – Diagnosis of foot calluses

In many cases, people confuse foot corns with calluses. While foot corns arise due to localized pressure and friction, calluses arise due to pressure and friction over a broader area. Corns also have a hard center; however, calluses do not have a hard center. Moreover, corns develop on the joints while calluses develop on the soles of the feet. Both these conditions need a diagnostic workup in order to rule out foot deformities and the presence of an underlying foot infection.

Tests include:

  • Physical examination of the feet
  • X-ray of feet
  • Biothesiometry
  • CT-scan of feet

Based on the results of the tests, the diabetes control of the patient and the presence of other medical conditions, a treatment plan for the foot callus is provided by the podiatrist in conjunction with a diabetes doctor.