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3 Simple Steps to Prevent Diabetic Foot in People with Diabetes

Step 1: Knowing that Diabetic Foot can be Serious

Yes, diabetic foot syndrome is serious. It has already led to numerous foot amputations; however, daily care can prevent this from happening. Nerves and blood vessels of the feet are the first to be damaged. Since feet bear all the body’s weight, neglecting foot care can lead to major complications that may start very simple, but end up with amputation.

Step 2: Understanding Challenges of Proper Foot Care

  • Controlling all aspects of diabetes is a huge challenge
  • Foot disease starts with a small scratch and you do not realize it can be serious
  • It can be difficult to examine your feet daily for any changes
  • Getting the right diabetes shoes and socks can be a hurdle
  • Avoiding minor injuries, scratches, and cuts can be tough
  • Not being able to manage corns and calluses with the care required
  • Giving constant time for care of diabetic ulcers
  • Inability to control diabetes and so diabetic foot infections

Step 3: Dealing with challenges one step at a time

How to Prevent Diabetic Foot

  • Achieving diabetes control
  • Manage Weight
  • Reduce pressure on feet
  • Get Periodical Foot Examinations
  • Follow a Diabetes Diet Plan
  • Take Dietary Supplements to prevent nerve damage
  • Quit Smoking
  • Know about early signs and symptoms

How we can help you

Diabetic foot care needs periodical care. It needs expertise as diabetes keeps changing with time, age, diet, and many other factors. To ensure all facets of diabetes are taken care of, there is need for support. It is possible when someone assists you to deal with each and every challenge of diabetes – to know, to be aware, and to act when it matters the most. You might have a diabetic foot, but you are not aware of it due to numbness!

It’s possible to keep your foot care on track with a team of specialists working for you.

Apollo Sugar Clinics has come up with a support system that can transform your lifestyle for the better. We help you maintain good health and overcome diabetes complications with ease. For this, we have brought about seamless connectivity that ensures you can get help and support right from the comfort of your home.

Now that you have an expert team with you:

  • Reach your target HbA1c, fasting and post-meal sugar levels
  • Keep your BP and cholesterol in range.
  • Get regular tests when needed.

Our support and solution allows you to:

  • Measure sugar levels and send it through our app
  • Get advice based on sugar levels
  • Get a meal plan and an exercise regimen.
  • Reminders to take medicines
  • Reminders for tests to be done
  • Reach out to our nutritionists
  • Get advice from diabetes educators anytime

Support in Clinic:

  • Experienced Diabetes Specialists & Endocrinologists
  • Regular Screening for Diabetes Complications
  • Complete Diagnostic Tests
  • Diabetes Eye Examinations
  • Diabetes Diet Plan with Nutritionists
  • Survival Strategies from Diabetes Educators

Support @ Home:

  • 24/7 Assistance with Apollo Sugar App
  • Apollo Glucome Glucometer to send sugar levels directly to care team
  • Advice from Care Givers based on sugar levels
  • On-call Diet Guidance with Clinical Nutritionists
  • Medications and Condition Guidance from Diabetes Educators

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