Diabetes and Eyes–How to Prevent Diabetes Complications of the Eyes

3 Simple Steps to Prevent Diabetes Complications of the Eye

1. Knowing that it can happen to you

Playing blindfold for a while with your loved ones is fun, being blinded forever is distressing and devastating. A game of hide and seek with diabetes is risky and can end up in permanent vision loss.

Protecting your eyes from diabetes is important and vital to avoid vision loss.T his is paramount as the eyes undergo changes in diabetes.

Diabetes Complications – Silent Damage in the Eyes

The scene in front of you doesn’t disappear suddenly. Damage to small blood vessels occurs gradually and starts way before the diagnosis of diabetes.

Long before diabetes, you had changes in vitamin D levels and some blood fat metabolites without your knowledge lead to blood vessel damage and other diabetes complications.

2. Understanding the Challenges

Answer these questions and you will know if you have succeeded in adopting lifestyle changes required to avoid diabetes complications.

  1. Do you monitor your blood sugar levels at home? If so, how often?
  2. Do you follow meal-plan guidelines?
  3. Do you count your carbohydrates, protein and fat intake?
  4. Is it difficult for you to get 150 minutes of exercise per week?
  5. Do you know how to manage diabetes when you are sick (sick-day management)?
  6. Are your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in range?
  7. Are you getting enough support to control your diabetes?

If your answer for any four questions is ‘No,’ you need to accelerate your diabetes management in order to stay healthy!

Why people find it difficult to deal with diabetes alone?

  1. Committing to a diet and exercise regimen. Knowing when it’s okay to indulge.
  2. Adhering to a strict medication regimen.
  3. Adjusting medications, diet and exercise as per the situation.
  4. Dealing with fluctuating sugar levels and keeping them in normal range.
  5. Counting carbohydrates and yet enjoying tasty, nutritious meals.
  6. Dealing with diabetes and other coexisting conditions like high BP, cholesterol, and thyroid problems.
  7. Limiting the damage that has already been done and avoiding it from worsening.

For many, taking medications and getting a blood sugar test is by far the only way to go about. However, diabetes demands core lifestyle changes with respect to diet, exercise, monitoring and regulating.

Keeping all test results in normal range can be a tough task. This is because diabetes is a lifelong condition and you cannot slacken your efforts to manage it.

3. Dealing with every challenge one step at a time

How to Prevent Eye Damage in Diabetes

If you have diabetes, here are some ways to prevent spiraling down toward vision loss.

  • Control Diabetes
  • Reduce Hypertension
  • Reach Target Cholesterol Levels
  • Get Periodical Eye Examinations
  • Follow a Diabetes Diet Plan
  • Reduce Weight
  • Take Dietary Supplements to prevent eye damage
  • Quit Smoking
  • Know about early signs and symptoms

We know it can be a lonely journey being focused on diabetes care and getting on with your life both at the same time. Taking medications on time, self-monitoring and following all diabetes management guidelines can be tough. There is need for support.

How we can help you

Problems can look complex, but when broken down each individual issue can be resolved easily!

Having a team of diabetes specialists working with you, reminding you to take medications, follow a diabetes diet plan and getting adequate exercise, you are sure of never being off track.

When you have someone always assisting you to deal with daily challenges of diabetes, you are bound to surpass them.

That’s why we have come up with a support system that can transform your lifestyle for the better.

Support in Clinic:
  • Experienced Diabetes Specialists & Endocrinologists
  • Regular Screening for Diabetes Complications
  • Complete Diagnostic Tests
  • Diabetes Eye Examinations
  • Diabetes Diet Plan with Nutritionists
  • Survival Strategies from Diabetes Educators
Support @ Home:
  • 24/7 Assistance with Apollo Sugar App
  • Apollo Glucome Glucometer to send sugar levels directly to care team
  • Advice from Care Givers based on sugar levels
  • On-call Diet Guidance with Clinical Nutritionists
  • Medications and Condition Guidance from Diabetes Educators

Don’t be left alone to deal with diabetes yourself. Get help from the best in diabetes care

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