Diabetes & Sedentary Lifestyle

Diabetes & Foot Pain – Symptoms and Treatment

Imagine you are stuck with a pebble in your shoes and you cannot remove it! Painful isn’t it? That is exactly what a person with a diabetic foot feels…constantly! If you have frequent feet sores, you wouldn’t want to miss reading this! Foot problems are very common in people with diabetes. In some cases, a […]

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Importance Of Lifestyle Modifications For People With Diabetes

Myopic view of Diabetes It’s a common scene in many clinics! We almost have a myopic view of how diabetes is treated. Patient walks in with symptoms, doctor orders diagnostic tests and diagnosis is confirmed. Patient is then given a prescription and a cold shoulder! Meanwhile, the patient wrestles with many unresolved issues. The disbelief […]

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Improving Work Spaces in Hyderabad to Prevent Diabetes

Are we creating work spaces that are havens for chronic diseases? Is there a need to innovate customized work spaces for India, especially Hyderabad with the high incidences of lifestyle-related diseases here? Ready for No Car Days and Sit-Stand Workstations? Hyderabad and Diabetes You are what you eat. And, your body is constantly reacting to […]

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