How Technology is Helping Improve Diabetes Care

Constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and blood pressure is essential if you or your loved ones have diabetes. Any sudden fluctuation can have a severe impact on your overall health. Today, monitoring is made more accessible and easier, thanks to advanced medical technology.

Advanced technology has been helpful when it comes to examining, diagnosing, and treating diabetes. There have been several inventions that have made the process of making patient management seamless and effortless. Here’s how technology is helping improve diabetes care:

There have always been many new technologies that are mainly for diabetes type 1. But when it comes to diabetes type 2, some new technologies have emerged. For diabetes type 1, monitoring and treatment devices like insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices have always been available. Now, for diabetes type 2, some virtual devices have emerged, like early diagnosis of specific complications of diabetes and early diabetes diagnosis. These inventions are used to self-maintain and manage diabetes.

As per a study conducted in 2009 at the Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health, constantly sharing and storing blood glucose using telehealth tools at homes such as fax machines or PDAs that is self-monitored showed reduced hospitalisations and improved glycaemic levels.

Smart technology for health is more than just early diagnosis. Now, it is possible to implant, wear and track your glucose levels, all thanks to the new inventions and the advancement of technology. You can also share that data, communicate the same with health care providers.

  1. Smart apps for diabetes management– Several apps are already developed, and several are in the process of being developed. These smartphone applications will educate you, assist you, and allow you to communicate with the experts simultaneously. You can also monitor your daily calorie intake, physical activity, and glucose level based on the food you had on the smart apps. All you will need to do is enter the data, and they will guide you with what you can do next to make your life with diabetes a little better.
  2. Wearable technology– Gadgets that are wearable, in simple terms, belong to the category of wearable technology. These gadgets are equipped with wireless connectivity and sensors that help monitor blood sugar levels, connect with experts and health care providers, personalise treatments, and deliver medications. Wearable technology is a huge step away from the old finger pricking method to monitor glucose levels. From contact lenses, smart skin patches to footwear, there are so many options of wearable technology for diabetes management now available that will help you make better decisions.
  3. Implanted technology– Implanted technology like skin implants and bio-artificial pancreas implants are making the lives of everybody with diabetes better. Traditionally the injections and insulin pumps used for people with diabetes were inconvenient and highly uncomfortable methods. But bioartificial pancreas houses stem cells that effectively produce insulin. Though it is still in clinical trials, it looks promising, as per the experts’ suggestions.

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