A1C (HbA1c):

A1C (HbA1c):
It is an abbreviation for HBA1c (glycated hemoglobin). This test measures the average blood glucose level over a period of three months (the average life of a blood cell). It measures the plasma glucose concentration. Hemoglobin in a red blood cell carries oxygen to the cells of the body and joins with glucose in the bloodstream. Called hemoglobin glycosylated hemoglobin test, this test measures the amount of glucose that sticks to red blood cells, and is proportional to the amount of glucose in the bloodstream.
A1C (%) Inference
3 to 4 Very low blood sugar levels
4.5 to 5 Normal blood sugar levels
Below 5.6 Normal blood sugar levels
Above 5.6 Diabetic
Above 7.5 High for Diabetics
9.5 and above Poorly controlled Diabetes.